No Boot/Beep w. New Mobo/CPU/RAM

June 2, 2010 at 08:08:31
Specs: Windows 7, intel i7/6gb ddr3
Okay, this problem started about a month and a half ago. I took my computer (blackbird 002 by hp) outside to dust it off and I think maybe I was too rough with it, because immediately after that my computer wouldn't start properly. I could turn it on and all the fans seemed to be working, but the GPU wouldn't start spinning, nothing would appear on my monitor and there were no beeps to indicate an error.

So I went through a very thorough process of disconnecting everything but motherboard, CPU and one stick of known good working RAM to isolate the problem... still no beep even when I did that. Tried many other configurations with certain fans, peripherals hard drives disconnected, no dice. At that point I just assumed I bumped my mobo or something and since it was like five years since I bought the PC, I decided to replace almost everything. Went to the shop and bought completely new mobo, cpu and ram.

After installing everything, my computer was working again like new. I congratulated myself for having solved the problem and went back to using the computer pretty regularly with sporadic gaming. Well starting about 2 days ago I was having problems with my computer randomly shutting down and rebooting by itself. I went into event viewer and saw no errors except something like 'power supply' which, according to its description, probably meant a hardware failure.

I dled a fan monitoring program to check my temps, everything was in normal or good range. Nothing above 40c except for GPU sitting at about 49c. I changed my power settings to prevent any sort of automatic shut down/sleep/hibernation and cautiously continued using the PC... bad idea... after one last unwanted shut down the computer was having exactly the same problem as before, no boot no beep. I've gone through the entire troubleshooting routine again and arrived at the same result... tried removing GPU, ram, basically everything except mobo and cpu... no beep. I don't feel like buying a new mobo/cpu only to have this happen again...

Anyone know what could be behind this problem? Bad power supply/case maybe? I've replaced almost everything else... graphics card is about 1.5 yrs old but even after removing it completely I'm not recieving any beeps, which I believe I should if the motherboard/cpu were working. Help :(

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June 2, 2010 at 08:21:35
if u have to hear beeps the speaker must be connected to the mobo.
U didn't bother listing your system specs.
U solved the problem by buying new system?
Did u try to swap psu?

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June 2, 2010 at 08:45:19
I would think it is the power supply. Be sure that the replacement is a good solid name brand one, as a power supply is no place to cut corners..

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