no beep at start-up

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April 29, 2012 at 09:32:16
Specs: Windows XP Pro, AMD Quad/ 4 gigs
If you suspect you have a bad motherboard how do you go about confirming your suspicions? Upgraded computer with new motherboard,cpu,and ram. All compatable with board. No beep at start-up, does not boot, nothing shows on screen. Graphics card is also brand new and compatable with board. Only way to power off computer is to pull power cord.

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April 29, 2012 at 11:27:59
Troubleshooting a MOBO can be difficult. With posts like this, often a lot of information is omitted. My Q's:

- Why was upgrade done? Previous system failure or just a performance upgrade?
- Who did the upgrade? That persons level of expertise is?
- ACTUAL New parts - or - refurbished new parts?
- Don't rule out troubleshooting the power supply in this too.

- Start with the MOBO, does it look good? Any damage, swollen capacitors, burn marks, solder breaks (I know you said it was knew, but I've seen new stuff fail right out of the box).
- The MOBO properly mounted in the case, all cables & connections are correct & snug?
- The CPU properly seated in the MOBO.
- The CPU fans & heat sinks properly seated (with CPU grease).
- RAM is correct type, & ram properly seated.
- BIOS settings are setup correctly to the correct CPU settings, RAM specs (if available), boot order.
- Video card is seated properly, power connected to it (if applicable).
- Drives are in working order? Hard drives, DVDs,CDs?
- Power supply is healthy?
- Power to system (from wall socket, power strip, UPS) is good?

MOOOOooove! OH and you're welcome!

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