New psu will work on old computer but not new

Xfx P1-750b-cag9 750w black edition modu...
May 3, 2010 at 12:31:35
Specs: Macintosh
I currently have a gateway machine model
intel pentium e2180
gateway mini atx mobo
3gb ram
geforce 8500gt

the psu went dead on that machine so i opted
to buy a new XFX 750w Black edition psu and
it worked great...shortly after my friend
decided to sell me his old rig for dirt cheap
specs are :

intel q9550
abit ip35 pro
4gb 2x2gb OCZ sli-ready pc6400
visiontek 4870

so i opted to use the new xfx 750w psu on the
new machine but after plugging in everything
the 24pin and the 8pin it did not power up. Not
even the power light or the fan
spooled...NOTHING... so i thought i burnt up
this psu during the switch or the mobo was i went out and gotten a new
motherboard a gigabyte p43-ud3L assembled
that turned it on and still i grabbed
my friends old 20pin 450w enermax and
plugged it in the new setup and it worked like
a i returned the gigabyte mobo and
reassembled the abit ip35 pro and tried again
with the enermax 450w psu and it worked like
a i ruled out the motherboard being
a problem...i plugged in the xfx psu back into
the gateway machine and it worked (that is the
confusing part) just wont work in my new
rig...could somebody help? do i have a faulty
psu or is there any incompatibilities withen my
new system? cause the xfx power supply will
only work in my gateway computer.

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May 3, 2010 at 13:36:37
Xfx 750w be specs looks good, just make sure u connect it correct 24pins + 4pins for cpu & v-card,other components are connected well.
Dirt cheap!! how much did u pay?

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May 3, 2010 at 14:27:27
well actually i didnt pay any $$ out of my pocket just traded him
for a phone i had laying around...i connected the 24pin correctly
and the 8pin correctly but still wouldnt couldnt get power to the
board but it gets power and boots up in my gateway...that is the
strange part....but my old old power supply a 20pin works fine on
the new system and my gateway

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