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April 16, 2016 at 11:56:57
Specs: Windows 64
Hello everyone,

So i am a photographer and desperately in need of a new pc. I do play games from time to time but not to an extreme level. Aside from photos and games i do a little of video editing but currently not a priority. And silence is kind of important for me. People keeps recommending X99 is better than current Skylake systems generally so i am looking forward towards X99, (also i think its cheaper to get 64gb ram in X99 than skylake)

So the build i had in mind is something like this: (and as i never built a pc before i am looking for custom pc builders in uk or cyprus)

Cpu: i7 5820k

Gpu: Gtx 980 ti (People says i have to go with Nvidia because Adobe doesn't supports AMD)

Ram: Either 32gb or 64 gb kit depending on the budget but intention to make it 64gb eventually.

Storage: M.2 drive for boot, 1x 500gb ssd or intel card ssd card things, 2x 3gb WD black in raid 1 and 128gb Samsung Evo SSd for scratch disk

PSU: Anything +750watt with +80 Gold rating and up (so many choices)

Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster ZX or XZR

Things i haven't decided yet:

Case: if i am going full tower: In Win 904 or Phanteks something Primo. if mid tower Phanteks something Luxe.

I am a sucker for cool looking, brushed aluminium cases.

Mother Board: Again, so many choices and i don't understand whole lot of this techy stuff. May be a standard MSI or Asus x99 motherboard, something like Asus x99A, as i can't see too much reasoning spending a fortune here.

CPU Cooling: As much as i want a cool looking liquid cooling setup i don't think i am going do the maintenance regularly or correctly. Prebuild liquid coolers looks cool like Corsair H105i but scared from leak problems. Might settle with a good fan based cooling system though.

Fans: ??

Extras, working conditions and future plans:

Cool RGB led strips

Flashy Ram sticks (ones that slowly pulses light)

Possibly a 2. GPU in next 3 years.

I will use the pc with a 4k monitor + 1x or 2x 1080p monitors.

I will probably OC the cpu.

Please let me know what you think and/or if i missed anything. Sorry for the long post ^_^

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April 16, 2016 at 20:43:13
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Forget water cooling. A very good air cooler is probably better than 90% cooling of a self contained water system, less work, safer, easier to set up. I use this one on i5-4690K and it runs very cool:

Raid 1 may be faster but this is your storage drive where redundancy is much more important. RAID 2 is safer for your work. With out the redundancy you have to have a very good back up solution and you still can lose things anyway.

A gaming size mid tower case should offer room for your video card and proper cooling.
You need a exhaust fan high in the rear of the case. for bottom mounted power supplies, adding a top mounted exhaust fan is a good idea in your case. A front intake fan is an advantage for multiple hard drives and large video cards. Use high CFM fans with low DB and dual ball bearing. Do NOT, EVER use a side case fan!!! They disrupt the proper air flow through the case. Ignore the fans that come with cases in general.

I do not go for lights in cases or even on fans but that is your choice.

I do not think a 4K monitor would be an advantage with Photoshop but your choice (or Google around to see what others in the industry think/use).

Go with 64GB RAM from the start if possible. Get them as a match set for best performance and compatibility. If you need to, get the bells and whistles (lights) down the road, not the important stuff as Photoshop can use all of the RAM you can throw at it.

Not much difference between M2 drive and SSD SATA drive. PCIe drives eat up video band width so they are not great for you unless X99 supports 2X16 lanes or better.
I think a good fast SSD drive for operating system and programs, and SSD drive for scratch, and one or more Black drives for storage. If RAID then RAID 2. Check what others in your field are using and what Photoshop pros recommend these days on links from their web site or Googling.

Corsair has good quality power supplies though there are other good ones out there.

You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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