New Motherboard doesn't boot. Power Supply wont turn on

Hewlett-packard Pavilion dv4-2045dx note...
June 16, 2013 at 15:19:29
Specs: Windows XP, Phenom 95550
I have an odd question here... I have an HP that the board died in. The CPU is an AMD Phenom 9550 I got a new M61PMV Foxconn board to replace an old HP junk board. However.... I installed everything, but once I attempt to boot, I get nothing. I also tried multiple power supplies as well.. No dice. When I push the power button. not even the power supply fan turns on. If you listen carefully when you push the power button, you can hear a small electronic zip sound. It's not a crackle or a pop, just a zap sound. I Have taken the board out of the case, and tried to boot that way, thinking maybe something in the case was causing a short.. But no such luck. What could I be doing wrong? New Board, New Power supply, no juice....

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June 16, 2013 at 17:24:43
Disconnect the PSU from the MB. With the PSU plugged in, ground out the green wire (PS_ON) with a black wire (Ground). The PSU fan should engage. If not, the PSU or the power supplied to the PSU is bad. Test the gray wire (power okay signal) with a volt meter. You should have roughly +5V. If not, the PSU or the power supplied to the the PSU is bad. While you're poking the thing with a volt meter, try the other cables. The positive voltages should be within +/- 5%. The negative volt rails can be +/- 10%. If this test fails, it's probably the PSU, but check it again on a known good circuit.

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June 16, 2013 at 19:44:58
"I installed everything"

That's where you made your mistake. You should have bench tested the board before installing it the case. Now you have no idea where you went wrong & neither do we.

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June 16, 2013 at 21:32:17
The wiring harness from the HP case for the motherboard power switch and LED pins may be proprietary for the previous board. Make sure the two wires from the push button on the front panel are going to the switch pins on the motherboard. Or don't use the wiring at all and just short the two power switch pins on the motherboard with a metal screwdriver.

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