New Intel i3 and I5 with Graphics H55 Chipset

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January 8, 2010 at 05:10:37
Specs: Windows 7, P4 660 3.6/3Gig RAM
NOT a problem per se.....
I was looking at new product (not buying now, just looking) and noticed a note that Gigabyte now has MB's using USB3 and SATA3 standards.... This lead me to the P55 chipset which led me to thinking about the i5 processor. In the process of looking closer I first noticed the i3 which indicated that they now have a graphics processor on chip! Then I noticed that some of the i5's have the onboard graphics and some do not (the 700series do not; the 600series do)! Now these could not work with the current boards that either have or do not have graphics (video port tied to chipset or nothing) so this led me to the H55 chipset.
Any info? Any thoughts? Good? Bad? Open forum!

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January 8, 2010 at 05:41:37
I don't know about Graphics on the processor but I would guess this may still require a motherboard change out.

As far as USB3.0 and SATA III go, IMO by the time USB 3.0 devices are mainstream your motherboard will be obsolete. As far as SATA 3.0 goes the promise of 3GBPS with SATA II has not been realized as of yet so it is a non starter. Also, many SATA drives end up installed in an IDE compatibility mode anyway so they don't perform that much faster than IDE.

The biggest advantage of SATA, IMO is the fact that each drive is allowed to function at its own potential. Unlike IDE which shared bandwidth with the other device on the cable.

All these improvements do help in the long run. They are incrementally better but not ground shaking changes. That would take abandonment of any backward compatibility.

Some supposed improvements are not that at all IMO. Eliminating IDE on some Intel chipsets for instance. Eliminating PS/2 keyboards is another one. Then there is the floppy drive.

I will continue to configure new builds with IDE, PS/2 and floppy drives for as long as I can. If more users demanded them those items would not be eliminated. It is just done for cost savings and nothing more.

Alittle Googling reveals that there are i5 & i3 mobile processors with graphics. I don't know anything about them. If history is any indicator the GPU will be weaker than the competition.

You bring up something that I have a theory about. The movement in the marketplace is toward laptop/netbook type units. These units are liked by the retailers for a number of reasons.

Consumers read the specs and compare to desktops and elect to but the mobility. Trouble is they are not totally informed. It is a fact that latops break faster and more often than desktops. They are more expensive to fix and are usually not upgradable. All those traits lend themselves to add overall volume to PC sales and that is why they are being pushed. I am not denying there are some advantages with mobile units. But IMO they do not out weight the downside for most users.

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January 8, 2010 at 08:07:46
u mention some of intel chipset will not support ide,pci,ps/2 for eg asrock board with intel chipset will also not support ps/2,ide? Or it's just intel boards?.

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January 8, 2010 at 08:13:37
Any AMD board I have used still have this support, although somewhat limited. The AMD rig I am on has 1 IDE controller for 2 devices and 1 PS/2 combination port (KB/mouse).

Intel branded boards using intel chipsets are the most limited.

Third party manufacturers using Intel chipsets have more options. You just need to look. has filters that can help you to find the board you need.

Also go to the Intel site and see what features are supported by which chipset. Same goes for AMD chipsets.

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January 8, 2010 at 08:14:14
Oh! and i just found out there's is small difference between x4500hd(used in g45) & gma hd(clarkdale) and that difference is unified shaders from 10 to 12.and three chipsets(q57,h57,h55) paired with clarkdale cpu u will able to use onboard video.

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