New build turned on briefly then shut off. Won't turn on now

September 28, 2012 at 21:27:46
Specs: Windows 7, Intel i3 LGA1155R / 8G
I just built a new computer. After hitting the power button, all the fans (heatsink included) began spinning but then suddenly died. After hitting the power button again, the fans did not turn on. The motherboard light is still on however. I fear I may have blown one of my components. Help?

intel core i3
Sapphire HD 6850
PC Power & Cooling MK III 400W
8G GeIL Pristine
1T Samsung HD103SJ
DVD burner Lite-On
DH61CR intel motherboard
Source 210 Elite Classic Midtower Chassis

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September 29, 2012 at 00:19:49
I can tell you that your 400w PSU is way underpowered for one thing. The Sapphire HD 6850 card requires a 500w minimum PSU and they recommend that the PSU be one that's certified.

See this (click "System Requirements" tab:

Recommended certified PSU list here:

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September 29, 2012 at 05:52:02
"I can tell you that your 400w PSU is way underpowered for one thing"

Actually, the PC Power & Cooling MK III 400W is a quality unit that gets excellent reviews & has decent specs. I doubt it's the problem.

"I fear I may have blown one of my components"

Did you bench test your components before you installed them in the case? If not, that's where you went wrong. Now you have no idea if you have a hardware problem or something was installed incorrectly or is shorting out in the case. You can try testing within the case, here's what you need to do:

- remove the video card & connect the monitor to the board's onboard port
- remove all RAM except for one stick
- disconnect the HDD & DVD drive, both the power & data cables
- unplug all external devices except for the keyboard
- make sure the case wiring is connected properly to the board
- make sure the heatsink is installed properly, it's plugged into the proper fan header, & if you used thermal paste (rather than a thermal pad), make sure you applied it correctly. Proper paste application is critical. The i3 uses the 'vertical line' method:

After you've done all the above, power on the system & see if you can access the BIOS. If you can, tweak all the settings for best performance, save, & shutdown. If it doesn't boot, remove everything from the case & try a 'real' bench test:

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September 29, 2012 at 19:24:31
Firstly, thank you for the replies, you guys are awesome.
I had followed all the benchmarking steps (I probably shouldn't have just gung-ho'd the whole thing) and there is still no activity from the computer. The bottom of the motherboard most likely touched the case, due to a faulty stand off so I believe that there's probably a motherboard short. However, the green stand-by light still activated when the PSU is turned on (something to note). I have very limited experience with this and do not know what to do now.

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