Need some ideas for Components for new computer.

January 13, 2017 at 19:16:45
Specs: Windows 10
Basically, I am in the final stretch of replacing everything in my old h8-1414. But now I need to get a new case, because well. Everything is non removable and welded to the other side of the cases skeleton which is on the side of a none removable panel to the tower that is also Welded to the case skeleton from pins that are non removable lol. It is quite literally the worlds s---tiest case. A friend who knows more about computers than I do took a look at it, and there is literally a s--- ton of metal material, box shaped casings holding things in that are 100% absolutely unnecessary and are doing nothing more but taking up space so you cannot have the possibility to remove the Hard drive for example requires you to somehow take the entire top of the computer off which is non removable from what he saw, and the motherboard and everything else, like other various components are being held inside of metal box like structures inside of the skeleton that is a part of the skeleton of the interior which is also pinned from the other side of the mentioned irremovable side panel. LOL...anyway.

I am pretty sure I want this case here.

although I might still go with this one, unless someone has an idea of something better for the same price. Anyway.

My budget is maybe something like, I don't want to get a new graphics card if I can help it, just a processor and motherboard would be best if I can limit to keeping it down. Maybe, no more than a collected 500 for the whole thing? Not entirely sure just yet.

What do you guys think would be good ideas?

Here is what I have

This is what I am thinking of upgrading to once I get my new computer case. Probably the Source 530
Motherboard: Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Vs MSI Z170A
Processor: I5 6600k
Sound: Keep the same probably unless it wont fit inside the new MB
Graphics: I currently have a Radeon AMD 200 series..I forget which one. I am not sure if my card is compatible with this MB at all. Is it?

My main concerns are having a motherboard that will fit those cases, and my graphics card that I don't want to replace yet.

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January 13, 2017 at 20:59:36
Depending on how old your system is, you will probably need memory as well The Z170 uses DDR4 and you probably have DDR3 memory fo figure that in as well.
Reusing graphics card is typically possible. I do not know Radeon cards well but they can be changed out later for better performance if it is old or too slow.
You could find a case for less if budget is tight. Never use a side fan, even if it is included with the case. When using bottom mounted power supplies, I recommend flipping the power supply over to take air from inside of the case. The bottom filter gets clogged and you may never know it until after the power supply is burned out and cannot be used on carpet that way anyway because it is blocked from the start.
Most of your gaming motherboards are ATX with a few mATX and most mid tower cases can handle either. If the case is listed as a gaming case you should be able to handle most graphics cards, if you plan on using one of the more massive ones in the future then look up the length of the highest card you might want to add later and make sure that one will fit before purchasing the case.

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January 14, 2017 at 06:40:08
You couldn't pay me to buy either of those cases. Both are poorly designed & rely on looks rather than function. You do NOT need 7 case fans or a fancy viewing panel, plus it's much better to have the power supply mount at the top rather than the bottom. There's nothing wrong with the HP case. I don't know what you mean that things are welded & not removable. The components (motherboard, power supply, HDD, CD/DVD, etc) MUST be what else would you need to need to take out that you can't? Sounds like you want to waste money for the sake of wasting money. Here's a more reasonable choice at 1/2 the price:

Other than that, what is wrong with your HP? The basic specs are good. It has a decent board & processor, all it needs is adequate RAM & a decent graphics card. The specs show 10GB RAM, if that's correct, you have the RAM covered. The Radeon HD 7450 is a weak entry level card but it appears you upgraded. It would help to know what your "Radeon AMD 200 series" card is because some of them (R5-2xx series) are no better than the card it replaced.

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January 14, 2017 at 06:57:46
Your current HP computer is a compact type. The power supply is probably not going to work in either of those new cases. Also the leads will be too short and the wattage is probably not enough.

My advice is to leave the HP intact and just build totally new.

You probably wouldn't be able to reuse anything but the hard drive. Mechanical hard drives are gradually being phased out. The boards you posted are capable of using a much faster internal storage solution. See the links below.

1 x M.2 Socket 3, with M Key, type 2242/2260/2280/22110 storage devices support (both SATA & PCIE mode)*1
4 x SATA 6Gb/s port(s)

In short, you have a VW and thinking of a Corvette.

BTW, full tower cases are no longer necessary for cooling purposes. One of your choices is top mount PSU and one is bottom mount. The latest trend is moving to bottom mount. I was very resistant to them until a built my first one. If you choose wisely you can get a powerful system that runs cool and quiet.

I suggest you post a budget here. Also post what you intended to do for an operating system and what peripheral hardware you need to buy. (monitor, KB/mouse, external storage, etc.).

The i5 6600k has integrated graphics that may be good enough, if you are not a gamer. That said, it is over kill if you are not a gamer.

Your current copy of Windows probably won't install to the new hardware, if it is the HP version.

The Envy may have some residual value if left complete or keep as a spare.

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January 14, 2017 at 17:11:02
@riider - OK cool, thanks for the tip, I will look over that case and stuff, but I think it looks good to me.

What I said in the message I meant. The case has....Ok...pretend you are looking at a screw that holds the panel of a case in...imagine that in your head. Now, imagine those screws as having a head of the screw that has a perfectly round hole in them. Now, imagine the screws having been soldered into the actual case itself when it was first constructed. That is what I was told this case was when I took it down to a professional computer store to have it looked it.

The case panel, that is on the other side of the case, where the other side of everything else is at, is permanent.

All of the screws that hold everything in the case is on that other side where I cannot get to them. That is why I cannot remove anything unless I find a way to destroy the other side of the case, trying to "force" those welded metal pins that keep you from opening up the other side. The case was designed to force you to buy a new computer instead of upgrading, or destroy it trying to remove anything. It is quite literally the biggest PoS on the planet.

@ OtheHill - I already got a new Power Supply. I forget what one I got, but it was on a list of best Power supplies for under X dollars and it is suppose to be a good brand. Not corsair, but another one. Anyway, I am good on that. I think the one I have was the 290X Radeon AMD card. I needed it for when I got Fallout 4 when it was first released. The one card could barely play it at all. Like playing a lagging game back in the 90's it was so bad. Now I can run it just fine with no problems.

I also upgraded the ram to something like 24 instead of the 10 I had before. So I should be OK. I am just worried that the new case won't fit my motherboard and the other stuff.

Buying all new stuff can come later, but I really do want to finally replace everything in my computer by the end of the year.

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January 14, 2017 at 21:08:53
I checked, you have DDR3 memory so it does not matter how much RAM you already have, it will not work with the i5-6600K and Z170, you will need to purchase DDR4 memory all over again. Purchase your memory in matched pairs or sets for optimal performance.
For optimal performance you should have an SSD drive or M.2 PCIe SSD drive for your main drive and if needed a fast hard drive for additional storage.
So your minimum would be:
Z170 MB
RAM (16GB OR 32GB)
Anything less would be a waste of your money.

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January 15, 2017 at 07:34:25
I agree with Fingers, that is basically what I stated in #3 above.

I would add AGAIN, that you may need a new copy of Windows in addition to the above list.

If you truly want to keep your budget at $500 then you may wish to step down from the i56600k, which is about $240 itself. See link

Add another $150 for the motherboard and that leaves you $100 to buy a case, RAM and a better graphics card. Not to mention a copy of Windows and possibly a larger monitor.

Building a computer a piece at a time is not the best way to do things in my opinion.

Click the link below and read some articles to see what you can do with $500.

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January 15, 2017 at 11:14:32
The thing is, the HP ENVY h8-1414 isn't a bad system. Especially since he upgraded the video card, power supply, & increased the RAM amount to 24GB. The complaint about the HP case being "welded" is just an excuse. I think we've all worked with these systems (or similar) before. I've never found a need to remove anything other than what's normally removable - in other words, the mainboard, power supply, HDD, optical drive, etc. It's not uncommon that the board mounting plate isn't removable, even in aftermarket cases.

If anything, leave the HP intact or return it to it's original condition - original PSU, original RAM, original graphics. That way you'll have something to fall back on when you have problems with your new build.

Just to add: the comments about the OS are valid. I'm guessing you "free upgraded" to Win10 from Win8. That means the installation is tied to the HP motherboard & HP Product Key. You will need a new copy of Windows for your new build. However, you can reinstall Win10 on the HP system whenever you like because it's registered with Microsoft. In fact, a full install from scratch is preferred over the in-place upgrade. If you never uninstalled the HP bloatware, you might wanna consider a completely wiping the HDD & doing a clean install. Performance will very likely improve.

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January 15, 2017 at 11:45:07

I agree with #7. I said much the same thing. $500 isn't going to build a system using the CPU and board. So, why bother at all.

I did link to a Google search. The first hit showed a system using a i3 and a board with an older chipset. In that case you may find a board using DDR3.

Overall it doesn't make much sense to upgrade if you can't get substantial performance.

You are expert on graphics cards. I saw you asked which exact card Vasarto currently had. My guess is the graphics in the envy is what is holding the system performance back.

One thing I find very ODD. The specs confirm the system came with 10GB of DDR3 RAM. I don't understand how or why that amount.

Vasarto hasn't provided the make and full model of the replacement PSU. May or may not be good.

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January 15, 2017 at 11:47:03
Don't know if you caught my edit.

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January 15, 2017 at 21:24:04
An i5-4690K and a Z97 motherboard would be compatible with the DDR3 memory assuming it is at least DDR3 1600MHz (2100MHz would be better) so the memory would still be usable and significantly faster than the current system. The second reason is since it is one generation back, it may be available a bit cheaper as in a combo deal, making it possible. A new copy of Windows will still be needed so a less expensive case would help there some. I would still recommend an SSD of some type and if only for Windows and programs there are some deals out there on 240GB models and recycle the old hard drive for storage with a complete wipe.

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