Need Repair Suggestions

May 29, 2009 at 14:42:24
Specs: Windows XP Pro, Intel Pentium Dual-core 2.5GHz/2 x 1GB DDR2 Corsair Memory Sticks
Ok, I am total lost at this point and I am looking for suggestions on what I should do next with my PC that is constantly crashing no matter what I am doing.

The whole story:

One day me wife come home for lunch and finds the computer not functioning. So she gives me a call at work and tells me about the situation. When I get home from work I see that the screen is black but the fans and the LED light on the front of the computer is on.

So, I power down the PC and restart it. It boots to the OS just fine and I think to myself that is weird, but continue with my normal routine and load up WoW and start to enjoy my gaming experience.

About an hour into it, the computer flashed the big bad blue screen and restarted itself. When it reached the Windows loading screen, it restarted itself again. This goes on for several minutes. So I get frustrated and walk away for a bit. (With the computer powered all the way down) I came back to it later that night and it starts up just fine and stays running for about and hour before it goes through that whole process again.

So I start checking things out. I reseat everything down to the wires that are powering the fans. Still the same thing is happening. I tried each memory stick by itself. Still it is having the same problem. (I even downloaded a memory diagnostic program and it told me that both my memory stick were fine.) I did a diagnostic on the hard drive that checks everything from the partition tables to the surface damage. It told me everything was ok. So I think maybe some software issue. So I take the extra 160 GB hard drive I have and reformatted it, still experiencing the same issue. So I did a reformat of the 320GB hard drive and still the same thing.

So from what I have gathered is that I have 3 options left. Either the MB is bad; the processor is bad or the power supply. All 3 things are only about 3 months old. I am not sure how to check if anyone of them is working correctly besides replacing them and seeing if the system behaves differently. But I don’t have access to a second one of any of these. Anyone know how to test these and I always thought if anyone of them 3 were not functioning correctly the PC won’t turn on at all. Any incite or helpful hint would be much appreciated!!!!

Oh and one more thing, all I have for a keyboard and mouse are ones that plug into the USB ports and now they are not functioning when the OS boots up but will work if I boot from a CD to run the diagnostics for the Hard drive.

MB: Asus P5QL Pro
Processor: Intel Pentium Duel Core 2.5GHz
Memory: Corsair Dominator (2x 1GB DDR2)
VC: Asus EN8400GS Silent
HD: 160 GB or 320 GB Seagate
PowerSupply: Thermaltake Black Widow 550W

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May 29, 2009 at 15:33:20
I would check to see if the computer is overheating-check the cpu temperatures in the BIOS. Also, Right click My Computer,
Advanced tab,
Settings button (Startup and Recovery),
uncheck Automatically Restart.
Then the next time you get a blue screen, write down the code numbers and post them here or do a Google search. You can also go to Event Viewer to learn more about the error message, or use a program like Windebug.

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May 29, 2009 at 15:53:28
First Off I want to thank you for your reply. This problem has been frustrating me for about a week now.

I also thought that maybe the system was overheating so I downloaded the PC probe utility from the Asus site and ran it. It stated that my MB was at 100-110 (F) and the Processor us running at 90 (F), that was before I bought another fan and installed it to suck air into the tower. I also have on blowing it out the back and one fan on the Processor and one in the power supply.

As of right now I don’t have one of the old styles of keyboards (Non-USB) or mouse, so once I get my hands on one I will disable restart upon error and post the code there.

Thanks again!

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May 29, 2009 at 17:17:37
I highly doubt the board temp is higher than the CPU temp. Do as suggested...check the temp readings in the BIOS. And give them to us in Celsius.

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May 29, 2009 at 17:46:15
Well highly doubting it or not it is, in fact, that the MB is running hotter then the processor right now. While in the bios the MB is running at 38c/96.5f and the processor is running at 34c/93f, this my be the cause of the problem… I am just not sure. I have yet to get a Keyboard that is working, so still working on the error code.

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May 29, 2009 at 18:39:21
I still don't think the temp readings are right but regardless, they're excellent, so you can probably rule out CPU overheating as the problem.

Disable hibernate & standby if you have them enabled...those features are meant for laptops/notebooks, not desktops.

And I had to chuckle when I read this, "load up WoW and start to enjoy my gaming experience" & then read this, "VC: Asus EN8400GS Silent". I know the system requirements for WoW aren't very steep by modern standards, but the 8400GS isn't much of a gaming card either. If anything, I'd suspect the card is overheating. See if nTune can monitor the GPU temp.

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May 29, 2009 at 21:09:28
Ok so i got my USB mouse and Keyboard working again and i did as asked. I disabled the automatic restart upon error. I shut the standby mode off, adn the GPU is running 48c. I am unsure if that is to high our not. If it is are there some suggections on on how to cool it down? I think i might get one of the horizontal fans that plug into the PCI slot just below the video card.

It hasnt given the blue screen yet so I will keep an eye on it and post the code here if i get it again.

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