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Compaq / 5451
February 25, 2010 at 15:02:12
Specs: WIN 98se
I just installed win98se on my pc after fdisk and reformatt. Now it doesnt find my modem " k56 flex v.90". Nor does it recognise my monitor . It will only display in 16 colors. I have no sound so im assuming I need that driver as well. I do not have a recovery disk, only win 98se cd.

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February 25, 2010 at 15:37:28
I'm new to this forum, so I hope I'm not out of line in answering rather than a 'moderator' or site First I'm assuming that you have internet access, you can go to Windows update and choose the Custom tab. Under software and hardware tabs (left column) it may come up with driver or software updates for your system - even though it is very old. You may also go to the Compaq site and look for drivers there. If you know the brand and model #'s of individual components (like ethernet card), you can go directly to the mfg's site. I would advise that before Googling and randomly searching.

For the monitor, try unhooking it and then reattach. If that doesn't work then something in the system settings may be the problem and I'll let someone else guide you through that.

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February 25, 2010 at 15:38:50

I found this. They should work.

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February 25, 2010 at 16:06:44
I've probably told this before....

Whenever you load Windows from a regular Windows CD (or DVD) from scratch, after Setup is finished you must load the drivers for the mboard, particularly the main chipset drivers, in order for Windows to have the proper drivers for and information about your mboard hardware, including it's AGP or PCI-E, ACPI, USB 2.0 if it has it, and hard drive controller support. If you have a generic system and have the CD that came with the mboard, all the necessary drivers are on it. If you load drivers from the web, brand name system builders and mboard makers often DO NOT have the main chipset drivers listed in the downloads for your model - in that case you must go to the maker of the main chipset's web site, get the drivers, and load them.

Load the main chipset drivers first.

I assume you need the drivers for a Compaq Presario 5451 Desktop PC
(When I search the HP site with Compaq 5451, I also find there is a HP Pavilion ..5451 notebook computer.)

Compaq Presario 5451 Desktop PC - Support and Drivers
Change the country / language if you need to/

Windows 98 drivers, English, US or Canada:

Follow the installation directions!

There are no obvious main chipset drivers there.

There are no 5451 system specs that I can find on HP site.

Info here
says for the Presario 5400 series.....
"These machines use the Gigabyte GA-5SMM motherboard"

Gigabyte GA-5SMM support:

Chipset SiS 530 & 5595 AGPset

There is a mboard manual there you can download, but the bios Setup settings information in it is probably different than in your Compaq bios version, and the key you press to get into your Compaq bios Setup is probably different.


Apparently, you need to load the ATA (IDE) drivers for the main SiS 5595 AGPset chip (chipset ?). (if you don't, your IDE drives will run a lot slower.)

If you're going to be using the onboard video, you need to load the VGA drivers for the SiS 530 chip

You can use the drivers from either site, but.....

NOTE: You DO NOT use mboard manufacturer's bios updates (in this case Gigabyte bios updates) on mboards that have a Compaq bios version !! Use only Compaq bios updates (Rompaqs, or Rom updates) on mboards with a Compaq bios version !!

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February 25, 2010 at 16:43:14
Thank you for your help everyone.. I just found out that the pc is actually a compaq 7360. Sorry for the confusion. But I assume those url's are for similar compaqs. I hope they work

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February 25, 2010 at 17:02:51
Is it an Armada notebook or a Pavilion desktop or a Presario desktop? All have 7360 model numbers.

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February 25, 2010 at 17:44:40
I have looked up a lot of old Presario desktop mboards in the past
According to my info, 7360 has either of two mboards.
- the same one as in Response 3 - see the Gigabyte GA-5SMM support link above to see a picture of it
or -
- it has a Mitac mboard, one of the Compaq OEM only versions of Mitac 5114vu retail model, the same mboard series as used for the Presario 7400 series

(your part number on the mboard may be different)

They have PWA-PWA....CAMARO
or PWA-TWA...CAMARO printed in the mboard

Which mboard do you have ?

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February 25, 2010 at 18:11:14
The pc is a desktop. The mb has PWA-PWA-CAMARO and below that it says PCB-TWA-CAMARO. What all do I need to do to install the driver's I need?

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February 25, 2010 at 18:49:13

Probably the first download under Audio and Display. The modem driver there is for a PcTel chipset and I don't think the KFlex has that so I doubt you have the original modem. You can pull out the card and post back what is written on it.

Generally you can download those files on the computer you're using now and then burn them to a cd. Then run them on the 7360. Most of the time they will extract and start installing on their own.

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February 25, 2010 at 19:29:09
Via MVP4 Main Chipset drivers:
(may be newer than on the Compaq site)

Hyperion Pro (4 in 1) chipset drivers

Retro OS Via 4 in 1 drivers
Download version 4.35

Via Integrated Graphics Drivers in the MVP4 Main Chipset
(may be newer than on the Compaq site)

Integrated Graphics

KPLE IGP (It's = Trident Blade)

The video is okay, but I know from experience it is POOR for playing DVD video.

Sound software
ESS audio

It's ESS Allegro, but there are two chips - ES1988 and ES1989

found in Mitac manual - ES1989

There is no ESS "parent" web site anymore.

Search on the web for: ES1989 98SE drivers, or similar

(may be newer than on the Compaq site)

scroll down to Download and click on it


The Camaro mboard could have optionally come with a tiny proprietary dial-up modem card that installs on a special header on the mboard.

Modem that has



DAA module V3.0

is only used on a

PCtel HSP56 micro modem

Generic drivers, troubleshooting here
(may be newer than on the Compaq site)

If you read the text file beside the download you will see these are PCtel drivers

If that's not the modem card you have, or if installs in a PCI slot.....

"How do I identify the modem manufacturer?

There are two sites on the web to assist you. Locate the FCC ID number on the modem and go to and click on "FCC id codes". This should provide a manufacturer name to the corresponding ID number. Additionally, you can locate and identify the registration number on the modem. Go to and click on "FCC id # search" This should provide a manufacturer name to the FCC ID number. "

I have lots of info on my computer about the Camaro mboard series.

- there no pins on the mboard that actually work for a case speaker for mboard beeps. In order to hear mboard beeps, you need to connect amplified speakers to the green audio out (speaker) jack on the onboard sound, and have the speakers powered and not set to minimum volume.

- the USB2 header on the mboard has an oddball pin uses arrangement - if you don't have that connected to the case by means of a Compaq case specific connector, I have the info about that.

- the original Compaq manual is 7400.pdf - it has most of the info about the Camaro mboards, etc. If you can't find that on the web, if you PM me here, I can send it to you.

- the Mitac manual for the retail mboard model 5114vu is here:
It has front panel header pinout info - I have more info about that.

- Neither manual has any info about the USB2 header. The 5114vu may be missing the pins for the USB2 header.

- the different mboard versions can have either two or three ram slots. 256mb modules per ram slot max, but 256mb modules must have 16 chips. PC100 ram max originally specified - SOME PC133 modules will work.
The FSB speed can be slightly overclocked, by means of undocumented jumper settings, however, the FSB speed is locked to the PCI bus speed, so you can't overclock the fsb speed much before the mboard or the cards in slots or the onboard video won't work.

NOTE that the 5144vu L2 cache size is only 512kb. (I don't know if the Compaq OEM only versions of it also have a 512kb L2 cache). The 512kb L2 cache size can support caching up to and inc.128mb of the ram installed in the mboard. If you install more ram than that, NONE of it is cached by the L2 cache, resulting in about a 25% ram peformance "hit", in comparison to when a larger L2 cache can support caching all the ram.
E.g. the Epox EP-MVP3-G5 mboard on the computer I am typing this on has the last, best version of the Via MVP3 main chipset (the same as in the MVP4 main chipset minus the onboard video) , and has a 2mb L2 cache - it supports caching up to 512mb of ram.
However, 98SE works fine with 128mb of ram installed, or with as little as 96mb when you don't have onboard video.

K6-II+ and K6-III+ 550mhz (mobile cpus) can easily be overclocked to run at 600mhz - if you use the X2 multiplier, all K6-2 and K6-III cpus interpret that as X 6 on the cpu itself.

The K6-II+ and K6-III+ have on cpu L2 cache, the same as the K6-III cpus do - in that case the onboard L2 cache is used as L3 cache, which makes the mboard performance more efficient than when it has a K6-2 cpu installed running at the same mhz speed.

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February 25, 2010 at 20:13:56
I tried the modem search with your url's. No luck the fcc part 68 reg. no. is dk4 tai-34551-m5-e... model d-1156iv/p2 says GVC in left hand corner. Also would I be better off getting compaq recovery disk's? I thought maybe if I could get the modem working I could get online with that pc and get updates. Just getting online would be very helpful

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February 25, 2010 at 20:31:03
Good luck getting Recovery disks for a computer made in 2000 or so from the HP site ! 5 years is about the maximum limit !
If It doesn't have the FCC ID number on it I specified, or if it's in a PCI slot and not on the proprietary header on the mboard, it didn't come with the computer anyway.

The FCC ID: number usually yields more info than the FCC reg number.
It was made by GVC, which is no longer in business.

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February 25, 2010 at 20:46:51
That reminded me I had several restore disks from compaq. I just checked and found the 2-disk 'quickrestore' set that works with several Presario 73xx and 74xx models, including the 7360.

Send me a private message with your mailing address and I'll burn you copies and mail them.

You're not really green until you're soylent green.

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February 25, 2010 at 21:58:27
"No luck the fcc part 68 reg. no. is dk4 tai-34551-m5-e... model d-1156iv/p2 says GVC in left hand corner."

I think you made some typos or you didn't copy something properly.
You may need to use a magnifying glass or similar if the text is tiny.

Go here:

type dk4 in the top box
type df1156 in the bottom box


find the one that has the same FCC ID number, or the closest to it.
Tell which one it is - no typos please.

NOTE that all of those GVC models in the list are older than your system - they could not have come with the system

Another thing you can try.

Go here:

Click on Agree on the bottom of the page.

Scroll down on the resulting page.

Download List modem, List Modem Type Identification, List Modem Manufacturer Reference Table, Check Chipset for Correct Modem Identification.

Adobe Acrobat Reader, or something else that can read *.pdf documents, is required to read the three documents.

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader on a CD you already have that you can install (it's often included on drivers CDs and mboard CDs).....
Get at least version 5.0.5 here:

Run List Modem on the subject computer.
Use the info generated by that, look in the documents.

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