Need Compatible Mobo & CPU that run XP well

Gigabyte Ultra durable 3 ga-890gpa-ud3h...
May 24, 2011 at 12:56:08
Specs: Windows XP, AMD single/2GB Corsair

Need Compatible Mobo & CPU that run XP well (& Linux too, if possible).

Prefer AMD over Intel.
Need TCM, if present, to submit to disabling in the BIOS & still work properly
Prefer USB 3.0
Don't need dual or more processor
Does not need to run any Windows OS beyond XP
Would like IDE and SATA connections (which my current Epox board has)

Ann Fennell

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May 24, 2011 at 14:14:08
"Need Compatible Mobo & CPU that run XP well (& Linux too, if possible)"

In other words, just about any board currently available.

"Prefer AMD over Intel"

OK, no problem, that helps narrow things down.

"Need TCM, if present, to submit to disabling in the BIOS & still work properly"

TCM? Turner Classic Movies?

"Prefer USB 3.0"

OK, being that USB 3.0 is relatively new, that requirement will limit your choices quite a bit.

"Don't need dual or more processor"

Yes you do. At least a dual. Otherwise you'll only have one, maybe two CPUs to choose from (Semprons).

"Does not need to run any Windows OS beyond XP"

Being that XP is coming up on it's 10th b-day & support for it isn't going to last forever, that's an odd requirement. Regardless, the OS choice is up to you & has very little to do with the motherboard choice, unless XP drivers become an issue.

"Would like IDE and SATA connections (which my current Epox board has)"

Epox went out of business several years ago. And many of the newest boards are dropping IDE support altogether.

Why don't you just stick with what you have? Since you plan on sticking with XP, I see no compelling reason to upgrade, unless your current system is an outdated piece of crap.

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May 24, 2011 at 17:15:37
Didn't I see this before?

Get a W7 system and run a free virtual machine.

1/3 of highway deaths are caused by drunks. The rest are by people who can't drive any better than a drunk.

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May 25, 2011 at 12:27:40
No, "just about any motherboard currently available" will not run XP properly, if at all.
And no "if" about it, of course XP drivers are "an issue" - pretty much THE issue with a motherboard chipset.

I typed it incorrectly (thinking of TC "Trusted Computing", perhaps). It is actually TPM, the acronym for the "Trusted Platform Module" or "fritz-chip" implanted into most current motherboards to provide vendors with a trapdoor into your computer.

With it, they can bring your machine "into compliance" meaning that if you have disabled/deleted software that allows remote access, it will be reinstalled/re-enabled so that vendors, including Microsoft, can disable software and modify or delete files from your PC remotely.

It is the door to TC, so-called "Trusted Computing," and has been dubbed "Treacherous Computing" since it means vendors can "trust" (read: "control") your computer, but you cannot. These new mobos have some current running in them all the time, to power this chip, even if the PC is "turned off."

Now that vendors have the ability to disable what they sell you whenever they decide it's time for you to "upgrade" (read: pay for the same thing again), you will find many wanting to "rent" you software on "subscription," and if you ever decide to stop paying, they can not only disable the software, but prevent you from accessing documents you created while you WERE paying for it.

It's also a way to make it very expensive/difficult for users to change vendors. It's too new for people to realize yet what's coming down the pike. Think of TC & TPM as a way to pick user's pockets, because that's what it is. It started as DRM, but then Microsoft saw a way to capitalize on the technology with software - and of course, vendors are all for it; they like the idea of money every year/month/use instead of only when users decide there are enough new features to warrant spending money on an upgrade.

No, I DON'T "need" a dual processor. But buying a dual processor is okay with me.

Neither do I "need" support for a Windows OS beyond XP SP2 because you could not pay me to put the spyware/controlware that Microsoft is now calling an operating system on anything of mine. If/When I drop XP, it will be for Linux.

What Microsoft support? Have you ever tried to get support from Microsoft?

Yes, I was sorry to see that Epox no longer makes motherboards. I did a lot of research before deciding on this one. It came with the really nice round covered IDE cables as well as 6 SATA cables. I wondered, putting the quality that they did into their boards, how they could make enough money off of them - apparently they couldn't.

My system is not "crap" to me - its a fine system with quality parts that I built myself (I want built-in USB3 now) - that was just a rude, adolescent comment. Grow up and learn some courtesy. Intelligent adults don't speak that way to others.

Ann Fennell

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