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Need a Printer Compatible With Windows 98

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  1. No current model of printer that I know of supports being used in ME or previous – that’s been the case for a least a year if not longer.

    You could buy a used printer of course, but if you want a new one…

    Canon was probably the last maker to support that for all their models.You may be able to find a Canon model that is old stock, never used, on the web.

    E.g. A Canon Pixma ip4200 is supported in 98 and up, and there were some models newer than that that still did too for awhile.
    The Pixma ip4200 has 5 fair sized cartridges – ink tanks (the print head is built into the printer) – two of them have black ink. The larger (~ twice the capacity) black cartridge is used for text, the smaller one for photos. It can print on both sides of a page, and photo print quality is excellent .

    The Pixma ip1600 came out about the same time – it has two smaller sized but not tiny cartridges with integral print heads.

    Chose a printer model that uses cartridges with integral print heads if you can’t be sure that you’ll use all the colors at least once a week.

    If that’s not what you want or if you can’t find one, look on the Canon web site at the drivers available for which operating system for models slightly newer than the e.g. ip4200 – if drivers are available for 98SE / ME, then search the web for that model – one that is old stock, never used.

    NOTE that the ad may not mention support for ME or previous, and the drivers for that may not be on the CD that came with it – the important thing is whether they’re available on the maker’s web site – in the case of Canon, they are available for slightly older than current models. .

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