n600c hp flash/restore bios

February 15, 2010 at 17:22:32
Specs: Windows XP, 1.8/1000
Im so close to flashing this but im just so tierd of looking, maybe someone can help.

I have a compaq hp n600c laptop and i have the dos files to update but im not sure how to flash, O and its more complicated than you think, before you think im totally retarded and leave me without help, this is my problem.

I downloaded the bios newest bios dos bootable disk for flashing and its an exe files that automatically asks for a floppy drive to put the files on to update that was. however this laptop never came with a floppy drive.

so now i downloaded a virtual floppy disk program and i got the files put on it. here are the files i have in total, including the files downloaded from hp.

sp27129.exe cpq flash (686df ROM) install through windows
cpqflash.exe extracts>
rom.cab>extracts>rom.bin rom.sig
sp221460> older bios update that extracts from cpqflash.exe

rompaq 686df rom ver 2003.12.31 softpaq creates rompaq diskette used to locally restore/upgrade evo models
sp27130.exe extracts>
sp21458 (older version of rompaq 686df)

after extracting vmd pops up asking to copy to A: so thats when i created virtual floppy drive and press c to continue and
it extracted this to my floppy drive


note: I used winimage to view the 686df.ima from rompaq 686df and its the same files

so that's about it i look all over the internet but there are just too many pages to go through when
I might have better resualts by useing a tech support forums.

also here are some links i couldnt bring myself to read because of all the reading i have done and ended up on
a dead end so if you find something i missed or didnt read yet let me know.

this would be my drivers page from hp>>



Any help would be amazing... thank you in advanced

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February 15, 2010 at 17:47:29
My advice is to STOP. Unless you have a reason noted in the HP page that affects your system I doubt this will help you at all.

If you insist then you have only a few options.

I doubt the evo is new enogh to boot to flash. Some newer ones have a deal that can boot with a F key to a small os that can read the bin file off a flash drive.

One is to borrow a usb floppy if your system supports usb boot devices.

Second is to take that data you have and make a CD. Burn as track one or make a nero file to burn it.

Third is to boot it over pxe or gpxe to dos.

Lastly is to make a dos boot usb key.

There are some deals out there for people like you. CD's already made that can be used.

I updated an IBM but had the flash data on a pcmcia memory card but booted from a cd.

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February 15, 2010 at 17:56:29
I have a flash drive but does my bios does not boot it so im left with a cd so i thought cleverly and downloaded virtual pc and started trying to figure out how to put it on a cd/floppy image (ima) and when i converted the files none would work and i even downloaded some dos boot files but not sure if i have the right ones so i need like a good walk through on how to take my files and put them on cd to do this update, it also says its a restore disk so idk, look at the files and i have and please tell me if they are the kind i need.

sry for not mentioning this 4 but my mind is in 4 places trying to get this to work and yes my bios is mess uo big time and HAVE TI RESTORE IT SO PLEASE KEEP REPLYING THANKK VVEEERRRY MUCH... :)

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February 15, 2010 at 18:19:38
How do you know your bios is messed up?

I doubt the system would work at all with a messed up bios.

See these links.



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