My RAM is not detected . Please Help..

Visipro / Ddr2 2gb pc6400
July 6, 2010 at 17:24:14
Specs: Windows XP
Hey everyone i have just buy a new RAM its
visipro 2GB DDR PC6400 . i install it on my pc
but the pc did not boot . so i install all my
RAM include the old ( 2x VISIPRO DDR2
PC5300 ) . and my pc is running . but when i
look into the amount of ram in task manager
its show that i have 1GB of ram . but when i
check with cpuz it show that i have 3GB of
ram . please help

i have try to trying in another slot but the
problem is not resolved .

my MB is Gigabyte 965P DS3 . that im sure
its support pc6400 ram .

Please help
Sorry for my english

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July 6, 2010 at 21:35:13
CPU-Z reads the SPD (Serial Presence Detect) specs of the ram that's been entered by the module manufactuer on a tiny chip that's on one end of the ram module . That doesn't necessarily relate to whether the mboard / cpu ? will recognize them properly.
By default, the mboard's bios reads the SPD info on all the modules and uses the slowest mhz and timings, lowest voltage, of all the specs, if the specs are different.

Make sure all the modules are all the way down in their slots, and that the latches at the end of each slot are against the ends of the modules. With some mboards, you may need to unplug them, plug them in several times. Don't touch the gold contacts on the modules with your fingers - if in doubt, wipe off the contacts before you plug the modules in.

The memory must be compatible with either the main chipset memory controller on the mboard, or in the case of most if not all mboards that use DDR2 ram, must be compatible with the memory controller built into the cpu

- in the case of this mboard / cpu ? the more expensive ECC ram is not supported. I don't know whether that would still be recognized as non ECC ram, or it would not be recognized at all.

- the voltage spec of all the modules must be the same, because the mboard's bios will use the lowest voltage (and lowest specs - e.g. if one module is PC5300, others are rated faster, all the modules will run at that PC5300 module's mhz) of all the specs if they are different, and the ones that require more voltage will not work properly in that situation. Most DDR2 modules use 1.8v, the JEDEC standard, but some modules use 2.0v or higher, especially some DDR2 800MHZ modules, PC3200 a.k.a. PC23200 modules.


Here's a list of Visipro modules, and if you click on the details link , the voltages they use varies:

- the modules must be otherwise compatible with what the memory controller can recognize.
E.g. your mboard or cpu ? will recognize 1gb modules with 8 chips, but it might not recognize 1gb modules with 16 or 4 chips.

Your mboard supports up to 2gb modules per slot, for a total max of 8gb, but 32 bit Windows operating systems have a virtual 4gb memory address limit, for both the ram and the operating system's requirements, so if you install 4gb or more, depending on the system, Windows can only use a little under or a little over 3gb of it, no more than say 3.5gb, and you're sometimes better off installing no more than 3gb rather than 4, performance wise.

Kingston has Data sheets for most of their modules that show you how many chips are on the modules as well as what voltage is specified for them.

E.g. for your mboard model:

SS (Single sided) 8 chips 1gb 1.8v

DS (Double sided) 16 chips 2gb 1.8v

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July 7, 2010 at 07:36:42
I have try with my friend RAM and its work . the ram spec is
same with my new RAM ( 2gb ddr2 pc6400 ) .

im sure my mb support it .

im so sorry im not so understand all what you say in the end .

sorry for my english :D

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July 9, 2010 at 06:59:52
If you tell us which language you can read the best, there are free online language translators we could refer you to, so that you can translate what we write to your language, and visa versa.

"PC6400" or DDR2 800mhz is only ONE of the things that determines whether the ram will be compatible with using it in your motherboard.
Other things....
- only non-ECC ram is supported by your motherboard. However ECC ram is always more expensive for the same capacity so most people don't buy it, and most ram is non-ECC.
- the number of chips
- the organization of the memory on each individual chip
- the voltage the module is rated to use - in the case of DDR2 ram, the standard JEDEC spec is 1.8v, but some modules are rated to use a higher voltage. Usually the motherboard has no problem supplying that higher voltage, so that would not cause the motherboard to not boot if everything else was okay and it/they was/were the only module(s), but if you have different modules installed that are rated to use different voltages, that WILL cause problems, because the motherboard's bios will use the lowest voltage for all the modules, and the ones that require a higher voltage will NOT work properly.

BEFORE you buy ram, you should always use the model of your mboard or brand name system to search with to find out which ram modules will work in your model for sure, otherwise it may not work.
In the worst cases of incompatible ram , the ram you get will result in the motherboard NOT booting at all when you install it.

Most major ram manufacturers and ram distributors have a "Memory Configurator" or similar on their web site - you choose the manufacturer of your motherboard or brand name system, and the model, search using that, and the ram that works for sure in your system (is compatible) will be listed.
Visipro appears to have no such thing with which you can do that.

Make sure the Visipro memory is all the way down in the ram slots. You may need to remove it and install it again several times.

If that doesn't help....

If you bought the Visipro memory locally, take it back.
If you bought the Visipro memory on the web, send it back.

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July 9, 2010 at 07:21:56
Thanks sir ,

im using google translate :)

ok i have return the ram an the give me new one .
and its works .

Thanks for all your help :)

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July 9, 2010 at 08:41:06
"ok i have return the ram an the give me new one .
and its works"

We're glad to hear that !

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