my new adapter wont power up my computer, HEL

Gateway / Mx6030
January 19, 2011 at 22:27:43
Specs: Windows XP, not sure
I was using an adapter for another brand on my gateway for quite a while, and it stopped working. also my battery would not hold a charge. I got a replacement adapter and battery, both new, from Amazon. A friend installed new battery and adapter. It was on, then I started to un-install a program, and it died. Now my laptop will not power up, and the battery has no charge whatsoever. What do I do? did I mess something up? I have changed so many things on my computer lately, that I have to wonder, can it lock me out?, or just refuse to turn on? I cleaned the battery connector good, cleaned the fan good, tried the "hold down on button for 30 secs. to reset" with no batt. or adapter, and nothing has worked. I am beside myself. I am no expert, or even advanced user, but I am learning more and more these days, and will never mess with the inner-workings of a computer again!! HELP!! what can I do, if anything??

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January 26, 2011 at 13:28:27
Have some check your charger for the proper voltage using a multimeter. Then see how much voltage is available from the battery. If the adapter voltage is good remove the battery and see if the computer will start without the battery, Most computers will). If that doesn't work the charging circuit within the laptop may have failed take it to a service dealer and have them check it out for you.

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January 27, 2011 at 20:59:09
Thank You for the reply. I have tried everything that is suggested on every website I have visited. Is it possible for maybe, a remote assistant, or say, a Trojan Hacker, to access my laptop and disable it? I am pretty positive that I have the hacker, or a mean ass assistant. It is like nice program, bad program. One minute it is, (or was when running) nice and helpful, the next it is(was)"slamming" Windows in my face. Is there a Demon virus that I don't know about??? My adapter is the right one for my laptop, voltage etc., so i am at my wits end with this thing. I can get the pin soldered for almost nothing, but then something will happen on the other laptop that I have access to to make me think my laptop is not broken, just made inaccessible to me!! I am the only person that uses my laptop, so it has no-one else to lock out. The one I am on now has other users, that can access the internet at all times, and sometimes when I get on it I cannot.
Is it possible for a virus/remote assistant/trojan/hacker to follow me around? I was up near Daytona last weekend on my grandsons laptop and "IT" (for lack of a better explanation) was messing with me there!
Now tell me, Please, is this possible??? Is it just me? Can I truly be locked out of my own computer by a virus/remote assistant/trojan hacker???

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