Solved My Macbook won't start up

December 28, 2013 at 12:53:49
Specs: Macintosh
When I try to start my MacBook I get a flashing apple sign and then a null sign and then nothing happens

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December 28, 2013 at 14:47:50
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Is this on battery power - only; or with the mains adapter plugged in (and switched on)?

Exactly which model Macbook?

A brief trawl/search via google for:

I try to start my MacBook I get a flashing apple sign and then a null sign

brings up a host of responses…; and some of them "don't look good news"

The reply there suggest a possible hard drive failure and suggest a thing or two to try at least...

Did you install anything prior to the present fault; updates etc.?

I suggest you try what the above link suggests; and also repeat my google trawl/search - using the same words/string. You will see quite a few about it; especially in the first listing - and some from this year.

If still no joy… then I suggest you take it into your local Apple store; ideally book a session with a "guru" and take the laptop with you for the appointment. It may be something "relatively simple/innocent" or it "may" be something more - possibly the hard drive as mooted above.

If you have any luck in getting access to the drive (as in booting up), I suggest you "immediately" copy all our personal files, photos etc. to optical media; and keep them safe. If there are issues to do with that hard drive… Usually wise(r) to have copies of everything important (to you) elsewhere… And keep those copies regularly updated too. Sadly most folks don't have copies of personal files etc. elsewhere; and rely on it all being safe on whichever computer they have… Until that computer goes down...

If per chance the hard drive has to be replaced… do not leave it with Apple - or whomever. You want it back… (intact as when removed from the Macbook) There "may" be a way to recover lost personal files from it...

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December 31, 2013 at 11:01:31
mmm - what was the actual solution; what actually resolved the problem(s)?

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