my lphd-up

Iomega / Lphd-up
March 22, 2010 at 17:42:33
Specs: Windows XP
my iomega lphd up, when connected to the computer, starts making a noise, like bip bip bip, and my computer doesn't recognize it. can you tell me what's wrong and how can i fix it ?

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March 22, 2010 at 22:17:52
Apparently this is a Portable (2.5") external USB connected hard drive.


You must have it connected to a USB port it can work with.
See Response 1:

AFTER you have looked at that info, if that doesn't help....

If you have dropped it, it probably can't be fixed. The external enclosure can be replaced with another one for about $30, but 2.5" (laptop sized) hard drives are easily damaged if you have dropped the external drive.

If you haven't dropped it, you haven't supplied enough information.

The hard drive can't be tested properly when it's inside the external enlcosure. It has to be removed and connected to another computer internally, usually, to a desktop computer.

The hard drive is either IDE or SATA , but I have no idea which type you have.

"Hardware serial numbers:
The serial number for most Iomega drives consists of a combination of ten numbers and letters. You can find the serial number on the box that the drive was packed in. Look for a plain white sticker with a barcode on it. The drive's serial number will be printed either above or below the barcode.

If you do not have the package your drive was packed in...."

Go here and find the serial number.

Where can I find my Iomega Hard Drive's serial number?
(Copy the whole next line, paste in your browser Address or similar box)

Tell me (us) what the serial number is.

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