my laptop will only post if I give it a jolt

Sony Vaio txn15p/b notebook
February 3, 2011 at 21:40:41
Specs: XP, 1.2 atom 1gig
my computer will only post and attempt to boot if I drop it on the carpet about 8 inches. If I turn on the power, the ususal will be that the computer does not post and instead it has the hard drive light flashing as if some reading is going on for maybe two minutes, then the hard drive light goes out, the power light stays on and the computer just sits there. It does not give any warning beep. I am guessing here ... but my thought is it is the mother board... but what could it be where a jolt alows it to post normally and then attempt to run for perhaps 45 minutes. I decided to hit the recovery sector which did not complete normally.. so now if I jolt it by the same dropping method on the carpet... it will start and tell me it is putting software back together.. but then windows setup has to reboot and it will not reboot on its own... when it tries to reboot .. nothing happens.. no power light at all nothing... I then have to do the wiat some time.. like until the next day.. jolt it a few times until it posts and then away it goes again.. for some time... I took the keyboard off and got to the top.. I reseated the ram.. reseated all the ribbon cables I could get to without total take apart... any suggestions or ideas? HELP.. I miss my sony

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February 4, 2011 at 04:23:59
I'd guess that you may have a faulty hard disk - perhaps the spindle is stuck, something like that (used to be a common fault) - which is temporarily eased by jolting it. I'd have to say that if you keep dropping it then even if it isn't the hard disk it pretty soon will be!

Get a repair shop to look at it and give you an estimate for repair.

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