my icons won't come on when i clisck on them

Acer / Aspirex3810
July 13, 2010 at 12:43:18
Specs: Windows Vista
when I double click my desktop icons, nothing happens

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July 13, 2010 at 12:52:45
CONNIE, See Response Number 1 in the thread at the link below.


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July 13, 2010 at 13:12:35
Look at your hard drive activity led when your clicking on the icon doesn't work right away or in a short time.
If it's on when you click on the icon, something may be using enough of the cpu time such that things that should work right away, don't.
That's most likely to happen when you first boot the computer..
If you wait until the led goes out, clicking on the icon should work right away or in a short time.

If the led is on for a long, long time, or never goes out for any significant amount of time, and clicking on something does not open it up right way or in a short all the time or much of the time your computer is running, you have one or more things that are running that are using too much cpu time.


Some things check for updates right after you boot, and if updates are available, they are downloaded right away in the background, which uses cpu time. e.g. Anti-malware updates, Windows Automatic Update updates. That often takes at least 5 minutes.

Some anti-malware programs use a lot more of the cpu time than others. E.g. Norton products, Avast!, Telus Security.
Telus Security loads ScanningProcess.exe every time you boot, even if you disable everything you can in the program's settings, for about 5 minutes, and although it isn't using much cpu time, because it's scanning, everything opens slower until it's finished running.

Some anti-malware programs are already set (scheduled) to scan your whole computer once a day, or once a week, by default when you install them, and they often do that the first time you boot on a particular day - that bogs down your computer until that's finished, which may an hour or more.
Since it's scanning the whole computer, everything opens slower until it's finished running.
Either go into the program's settings and disable a full scan from being scheduled at all, and only run a full scan when you see suspicious symptoms, or change the time for it to one day a week at at time when the computer islikely to be on but you won't likely be doing anything that needs more cpu activity (if the computer isn't on at that time, it will usually run a full scan the next time you boot the computer.)

Windows Media Player 10 and 11 have a setting where you can enable sharing your media - don't enable it - it will use too much cpu time, all the time the computer is running, and everything will open slower.

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