My first New Build Everything turns on but no picture

September 27, 2012 at 04:11:29
Specs: Windows 7
Hi all,

Ive built my first computer. I waited months to try and learn what I needed. Watched all the videos. And still ive seemed to have messed it up and could use some help. Here is what I through together(no I didnt test it all out of the case, you bet I will next time...):

So everythong turns on, case fans, lights, no error codes, just no picture to monitor, monitor is hooked up with HDMI, thats the only connecting I have atm:

Gigabyte geforce gtx 660 ti
intel i7-3770 3.4
msi z77 mpower lga 1155 atx intel motherboard with uefi bios
rosewill capstone 750w atx12v
intel maple crest ssd 120gb
patriot viper 8gb ddr3 1866 2x4gb

It is daunting trying this but I couldnt resist after buying many many computers over the years. Its an expensive but fun hobby, i hope i didnt mess anything u too too bad. Again Ive read and watched alot but any help is appreciated.

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September 27, 2012 at 04:47:39
"no I didnt test it all out of the case"

Then you skipped THE most important step - ALWAYS bench test the hardware BEFORE installing it in the case! Since you didn't do that, you now have no idea if you have a hardware problem or an assembly problem. I suggest you pull everything out of the case & start over. Have a look at this:

How to Bench Test / Troubleshoot Your System

EDIT: Just to expand a little on bench testing - you do not need any drives attached & you should only use a single stick of RAM. And since your CPU has integrated graphics, you should be using the motherboard's HDMI port, do NOT install the video card. The idea is to test the core components only. Also, you have to make sure you installed the CPU & heatsink correctly. Did you use a thermal pad or thermal paste? If you used paste, it MUST be applied correctly or it might prevent the system from booting. The i7 uses the "vertical line" method:

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September 27, 2012 at 04:54:12
Try DVI or even an old VGA monitor.
If the board has onboard video ports remove the video card, hard drive, SSD, all memory but one stick, and nearly everything else. Just leave Motherboard, power switch, one stick of memory, CPU with fan plugged in, monitor, and case speaker (if not onboard). If it does not post, remove memory to see if you get the no memory beep tone. If it posts, try adding one component at a time and test. If you do not get memory beep, you may have to try a known working power supply. If you do get a memory beep, try the other stick of memory and try another slot also. If this does not work, look to see if the memory is on your memory support list (online).
Report results and also include a list of the exact model numbers/specs for each component for additional advice. You need to find out which component is either not compatible or defective. For finding defective component it is a matter of process of elimination and for compatibility, we need exact models to research.

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