My desk tops links, including fire fox, itunes, exc.

May 14, 2012 at 20:47:11
Specs: Windows XP
My desk top links, security center, system settings wont work, I uninstalled something of importance by mistake. Now I cannot even access my system settings to reboot my computer to a state were the program was still installed. When I try to access my items a message pops up that says something about PRJPROE.MSI Microsoft Office Project Professional. I need help, If anyone else knows how to reboot my system to a previous state with out haveing to use system settings I would be glad to hear it. And no I do not have a back up disk... my boyfriend and his mother did not think to make one in the whole 6 years of having this laptop. I use Windows XP.

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May 14, 2012 at 22:03:01
Press F8 repeatedly while booting the computer, don't hold down the key, and when the "Advanced..." screen appears, choose
Safe Mode.

If you're not familiar with Safe mode (without networking), when it works properly, you see a screen filled with lines that show which programs are loading, then it stays that way for the last screenfull for as long as a minute or more, then the Logon screen appears with at least the built in Administrator user and your user listed, you pick a user, then the desktop screen loads, a large window pops up and you are asked if you want to run the computer in Safe mode or choose something else. (Whatever you choose, you can run System Restore to load a previous restore point.)

NOTE that if you choose the Administrator user, it's more likely to work fine than your own user in this case.
It has no password by default - just press Enter.

If you are asked if you want to run System Restore when the large window pops up, choose that.
Or - you can indicate you want to run Safe Mode, then go to All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - System Restore.
Load a restore point with a time and date that is just before you had your problem.

If that doesn't cure your problem. load a slightly older restore point.

If that doesn't cure your problem no matter which restore point you try to load, System Restore doesn't back up everything. There are other things you can try, but you MAY need a Windows CD to fix your problems.

"something about PRJPROE.MSI Microsoft Office Project Professional."

That sounds like a side effect of that not having been installed correctly, or you un-installed or deleted something that resulted in the program "thinking" it has not been installed correctly.

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