my computer wont read my sd cards

April 6, 2012 at 20:30:52
Specs: Windows 7, amd 4gb
i got a second hand advent desktop few weeks back and yesterday when i wanted to transfer some pictures from my sd card to it , it wont let me

i've tried using both the usb card reader and the built-in card reader ( the cable was disconnected to the motherboard for some reason , and after i plugged it back in ,' my computer ' took ages to load and frozed , it says ' removeable disk (g),(h),(i),(j)' in ' my computer ' but when i clicked onto it , it says ' please insert disk ' so i just plugged it out and used the usb reader ( i guess thats why it was already plugged out ...) ).
when i plugged in the usb reader , a pop up tells me that i ' need to format the disk in drive g ' and when i clicked format , it says ' windows was unable to complete the format '( none of the cards are read only and none of them are locked )

i have tried a few different sd cards ( new , old , 1, 2, 4, 8 gb ) and none of them worked ( all of them worked on my friend's laptop )

i am going away soon and i need my cards to take pictures
please help

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April 7, 2012 at 06:06:52
Are the drivers installed for the card reader?

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April 7, 2012 at 08:57:43
Troubleshooting can't get a memory card to be recogized properly, in Vista (the same things probably apply to Windows 7; similar applies to XP and 2000).
See response 2:

The circuitry of older memory card readers cannot recognize newer larger capacity memory cards, or types of memory cards that first came out after the card reader was made, at all.

(E.g. In your case, SD cards with a capacity of less than 1 gb may be detected fine in the Advent's card reader.)

For an external card reader, you may need to plug the USB cable into a different USB port in order for it to be recognized properly.

See response 1:

You can also buy an inexpensive new card reader that installs in a front bay of a desktop case that has newer circuitry that recognizes any type and capacity of memory card.

You can always copy the files from a memory card when it's in a card reader that CAN read it to a USB flash drive, then plug that USB flash drive into the Advent computer and copy the files from the flash drive.

Or - if the Advent computer is on the same local network as a computer that has a card reader that CAN read the card, e.g. the computers are connected to the same router, you can copy the files over the network.

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