My computer will not turn on.

July 20, 2009 at 17:43:13
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I have an HP Pavilion. The computer was working
perfectly fine up until a few hours ago.

The power went out on my street. The first time it
went out it only went out for a brief moment before it
turned back on again. The printer started going and
the monitor clicked on like it usually does when my
computer restarts. I thought about turning the
computer itself on my I decided against it because I
had no need to go back on at that moment. Good
thing because a few seconds later the power went out
again. I don't even think the power was out for more
then a half hour.

About an hour later I wanted to use the computer
again. I went to turn on the computer but it wouldn't go
on. I turned off the computer and then I turned it out
again. The printer turned on and the monitor (screen)
was on but the computer tower would not turn on.

I haven't a clue what is wrong with it. Nothing like this
has ever happened before. If someone could help me
out or give me a few suggestions that would be great!
Thank you =)

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July 20, 2009 at 18:27:26
please tell me you have your machines plugged into a quality surge protector

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July 20, 2009 at 21:02:46
Yes, I believe I do. Thats were the switch to shut on and off the computer is located.

Edit: I also found that there is a green light on in the back of the computer tower. It's making a soft ticking sound.

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