my computer fell can it fry the motherboard

August 7, 2011 at 14:37:09
Specs: Windows 7
MY computer fell off the back of my couch. Ever since then it wont boot or hold a charge. Can it just by falling fry the mother board?

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August 7, 2011 at 15:11:21
It depends on your definition of "fry". Many people like to think of it this way:
A surge of electrical current that overloads components of an electric device, otherwise known as "frying" it.

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August 7, 2011 at 18:42:55
This sounds like a laptop....
A component could have broken.
A connector could have become dislodged.
Your CMOS 'coin' battery could have popped out of it's socket.
Your battery's internal contacts or connections could have broke (try with power cord but without the battery inserted).
Most of these require opening the laptop to verify and diagnose and most will not do this so you may want to bring it in for service. If this is under warranty, you might consider not telling them it was dropped (at least at first) since this may at least save you a fee for opening and evaluating the problem. If it becomes obvious the problem is from dropping you will need to pay for the repair, but you will not need to pay up front before you know the problem or the cost.

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August 8, 2011 at 00:50:53
Another innocent laptop has succumbed to gravity
What's the deal with its depravity?
This force that defines up and down
Crashes our electronics to the ground
Maybe a rubber floor would have prevented that fatality!

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