My computer died and is now non responsive?

March 12, 2011 at 21:10:54
Specs: Windows XP

I was working on my computer today when I had a problem. I was going along fine when the tower powered off completely. It was like the power just went out. Except the only thing that actually went out was the tower. I tried turning it back on and got no response. On the fourth or fifth push of the power button, the tower started up for about 3 seconds(lights came on, fans started up, etc.), then shut right back off. After that, the tower has been completely unresponsive. I replaced the power supply with an identical unit. However, I am not getting any response from the tower now. No start up, no lights or fans. I rechecked all of the connections and everything seems to be right.

I was wondering if I should replace the mobo/Processor, or if anyone has any ideas?

Thermaltake Tsunami Case
P4 single core 3.0G processor
2 Gigs Ram
256MB Ati Vid card
generic Sound
350W Power Supply


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March 12, 2011 at 21:57:32
I just wanted to add some more detail I found out. I did some tests other people had posted and found out that when I put my ethernet cable into the mobo port, the dsl modem gets a connection, and I put my monitor cable in and turn the monitor on. The monitor got a signal, just no activity, to verify I unplugged the cable from the tower and turned the monitor on again, and correctly got a no signal error on the screen.

So it seems like the mobo is getting power correctly, perhaps the CPU is fried?

Still no activity from fans or drives though.


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March 12, 2011 at 22:10:15
To start with, your spec list is weak. Which 3.0GHz P4? What speed RAM? Where's the make/model of motherboard, video card & most importantly, the power supply? 350W doesn't mean sh!t. The amperage specs are what's important, plus it should be a reliable name brand unit, not a $20-25 generic cheapie. And if you suspected the power supply was the problem, why would you replace it with an identical one?

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March 13, 2011 at 09:24:16
Ill give what details I can find, its not my P.C., Im just helping out.
I can't give you anything more with the processor, any indication of what it is is covered in so much thermal paste that I can't find it. In fact, the paste ran down off the top of the chip and onto the sides of the processor chip onto the slot..

The ram is two 1.0 GB DDR Dims. He thinks they are DDR2. It must be generic, the only thing I am seeing is that the actual chips on the stick are made by Hynix, but thats nor really that helpful.

The Motherboard is an MSI CoreCell from 1999/2000 according to the copyright on the chipset.

The Video Card is an ATI Radeon Sapphire X1600 Pro, 256MB

The power supply is an Antec Model:BP 350
It is not the same model as the old one, just identical wattage. As for the amperage, the rating is 115/230V=4/8A
or the 12 volt rail has a max of 10A
Hopefully that is what you needed

As another follow up, I pulled everything out but one ram chip, the motherboard and the processor. I put power to the Motherboard, the MOBO fan, and nothing else. I got neither a beep nor post, so I am guessing it is well and truly fragged. This was before I pulled the processor out and saw the paste running down the sides.

Thanks for the follow up, sorry about the lack of specs.


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March 13, 2011 at 09:33:01
A correction, the 12v1 rail is 10A, the 12v2 rail is 13 A

Sorry bout that

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