Mtherbord has only 1 IDE cant install my OS

February 5, 2011 at 21:07:49
Specs: Windows XP
My motherboard has 1 IDE and I want to install my OS, what do I do?

I attached a usb floppy drive and it is recognized however, I cannot get to Bios to change first boot drive. Used a hdd external storage but it isnt recognized. Pleez HELP!!!

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February 5, 2011 at 21:50:08
Your motherboard has only one IDE connector. The leap from there to "I cannot install my operating system" requires a little explanation.
What kind of hard drive do you have? IDE or SATA?
What kind of optic drive do you have? IDE or SATA?
What operating system are you trying to install? Is it XP?
A single IDE controller can accommodate two IDE devices so if you want one IDE hard drive plus one IDE optic drive you may certainly do so. Just be sure to jumper them correctly as Master & Slave.

"I cannot get to Bios to change first boot drive"
Why not? What is preventing you doing so ? Do you lack the knowledge or is there a password lock on the BIOS?

You will not need the Floppy set as a boot device anyway. It will only be needed if you need to install SATA drivers at the first F6 prompt during the operating system setup process.

You are correct in stating you could not install XP onto the external drive. That option is not supported.

Please provide motherboard make/model numbers and other system credentials so we know what hardware you are working with. When it comes to configuring PCs One-size does not fit all.

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February 5, 2011 at 22:44:59
An IDE controller can usually handle two devices, a master and a slave.However some cheaper computer builders will put a cable that can only connect one drive to save a few pennies. Check to make sure your 40 pin cable has three connectors (1 for motherboard and 2 for drives). If not, buy one that is as such. If your CD/DVD drive and your hard drive are properly connected (to the power supply and motherboard, with the red part of the ribbon cable pointing towards the powersupply cable) make sure your computer understands that your optical drive is the slave and that your hard drive is the master, as typically only masters should have an operating system.

Here's the cable you should have:

- Connect your master with the connector at the end of the IDE cable, and your slave with the connector in the middle of the cable.
- Check the jumpers on the hard drive and their configuration. Usually disk drives should have labels on their metal shell to explain how jumpers should be configured. Most modern drives have a setting that lets the cable/BIOS decide which drive is which, you might want to try that at first to make it simple. If it doesn't work, try placing the jumpers to mark the hard drive as the master and the optical drive as a slave.
- After that, check with your BIOS to make sure both drives are detected, that it understands which drive is which. Then make sure the optical drive is first in the boot sequence.

Hope I could help.

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February 6, 2011 at 22:18:53
Thanks Vidda...I got way ahead of myself in explaining my dilemma & what I was trying 2 bad....I have a ide hdd and a cd rw and only one ide slot on the mthrboard. Hdd is set @ master and the cd drive is slave. I have the identical ribbon that you show. Both drives show when computer boots AND both show in BIOS. I get the eror msg NTLDR is missing. I had a similar dilemma on another build but I had 2 IDE's. I have the NTLDR on a floppy disc and used a usd floppy drive....the same msg keeps coming up that the NTLDR is missing and I am stuck! All cables and connectors are secure and jumpers are correctly set. Also, was able to enter BIOS and set the cd drive as first boot....Im trying to install WIN XP on a new hdd....Any advice out ther???

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