Mouse, Keyboard, and all USB ports not workin

March 2, 2011 at 11:33:50
Specs: Windows XP SP2, 1.4 Gightz
Older XP SP2 Compaq Presario system. Been in the closet for at least 2 years just sitting around. Well, need it at work as an extra system. Hooked it all up. Fired it up. No dice on the mouse or keyboard. They have the ps2 style. Tried attaching USB instead, no dice. Can't guarantee the USB ports on the front or rear of system are going to work with mouse/ keyboard anyhow. I then opted to test the USBs and plugged in my Linksys Wireless and low and behold, didn't auto recognize it either or even prompt that new hardware had been found.

I'm thinking needs drivers repaired. Question is how the hell do I manage that if I have no way to navigate the system? Forgot to write down the exact info of the compaq BUT it's from 2001.



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March 2, 2011 at 11:52:56
What model #?

See response #1:

It could be a CMOS issue as well, since it's been sitting for 2 yrs. Did you get any notifications on the screen about setting time & date? If yes you'll need CMOS battery, and go into the BIOS to tweak/reapply some settings perchance.

If that's OK, you may have more issues than PS/2 & USB, like failing hard drive or motherboard, or possibly virus etc.

Just another stupid saying...

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