Mouse cursor has gone crazy... Please help!!!

February 24, 2010 at 12:08:38
Specs: Windows XP
A few days ago I uploaded some video clips off
my camera onto my son's laptop, soon after
the mouse cursor started going crazy, darting
around the screen with a mind of it's own. (The
mouse itself is a little button in the middle of
the keyboard)
I plugged in another mouse using the USB
port, this pretty much does the same although
after a while messing around with it it'll work
for a while but frequently goes crazy and darts

I'm hopeless with all this technical stuff but
since there wasn't a problem until I uploaded
the video clips and also that the USB mouse
does the same I'm guessing there's some kind
of virus.
I have Spyware Terminator running but didn't
realise until this happened that it was
'unsupported' and needed updating to a newer
version, I've since done this and ran a full scan
it isn't finding anything.
I've searched the problem and most of the
results come back saying there is some kind
of virus, I then download the recommended
tool to find and remove it but nothing comes

Whilst I've been trying to 'fix' this problem I've
noticed that all my system restore points have
gone, leaving just one from the either the day
the problem occurred or the day before, I've
tried this but still the mouse dances about the

Please someone help me fix this, it's driving
me crazy, not to mention the fact that this is
my son's laptop.. He's not impressed! lol

I'm running Windows XP and all that I can see
on this laptop is the name COMPAQ and Evo

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions
Clare x

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February 24, 2010 at 12:53:29

All restore points gone does sound a little fishy...

Boot up; disable system restore; go on-line to and run their freebie Housecall utility. It will download a few files and run - although you may have to respond to a prompt or two... Let it do full scan and fix etc. anything it finds......

When it's finished - if it quarantines "anything" at all (on your drive...) locate/delete it. Reboot and when back up as per norm, re-enable system restore.

You can also run the same scan - but via a boot up with Knoppix or Ubuntu disk (Linux on a cd/dvd). And no need to disable system-restore if using this path. Often a useful route to go if at thinking yoi may have particular nasty present. Especially if it's one that is able to disable a few things, hide itself, even wipe out restore points...

Presumably the video download was from your own (a known to be OK) camera source; did NOT include antying of the web?; - both have a downloadable .ISO image; which then burn to a dvd and the boot up with that dvd...

Also have you installed and kept up to date the M$ Windows Defender utility? If not then locate it, download and update it accordingly; then run it... Keep it up to date.

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