Solved Mouse and Keyboard not responding in windows

August 14, 2012 at 17:51:30
Specs: Windows 7 Home, 4g
My father gave me this computer that he purchased around 2007. It obviously had vista on it and he upgraded it to windows 7. Sometime beginning of the year he noticed that the keyboard and mouse both quit responding. He deicided to just buy a new one and said if I can get this thing runin its mine. So heres what I have determined:

-Keyboard functions before windows begins in BIOS and giving the option to enter safe mode.
-The rear USB ports seem to be unresponsive, but the functionalty is coming from the front.
- Installed a USB PCI card just in case but so far haven't tested that.
- First boot test into windows proved that the mouse would work up until the point of Driver instalation of some USB products. guessing it is the mouse and keyboard I was using.
- Ran Restor points from the pre-window repair in the prompt with no change.
- Ran restore points as far as present to over a year ago. No change.
- Safe Mode gives me absolutly no control at all
- The Keyboard had no funtionality until I stumpled upon the extra feature buttons on the board seem to somewhat work. I managed to open certain windows but no way of pressing enter or spacebar. Almost like the outside rim of the board worked but not the inside.

I'm half ready to format the drive if i can from the DOS prompt and start the thing with a copy of Windows 7 Pro I have on hand. Any thoughts or suggestions.

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August 14, 2012 at 18:05:53
I'd boot to a live cd and see if it works.

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August 14, 2012 at 18:20:58
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Try a PS2 keyboard and mouse if you have one around or a USB/PS2 adapter. Have the drivers (Windows 7 drivers) ready to install if this or any of the repairs work.
Try a Start Up Repair from a Windows 7 Repair Disk. If your father did not make one originally, you can make one from another Windows 7 machine as long as both are 32bit or 64bit. You can also run the repair from the install of upgrade DVD that your father used to install the upgrade.
If the keyboard works in the BIOS then it should also work during install from a Windows 7 install of upgrade disk since it will load default drivers when you boot to the DVD. You can probably just do a repair install right over the existing installation, but if you do not need to save anything, I would just recommend a clean install. When you boot to the disk, select Custom and Partition, delete the existing partitions, create and format a new partition and format it. The proceed with the install. An upgrade will 'see' the original install before you begin and allow you to proceed. You will need all of the Windows 7 drivers just after the install (or repair) so download them to a flash drive or CD ahead of time so you will have a faster time of it when you are ready for them.
If Windows 7 drivers are not available for your hardware, Vista drivers will often work, but not always (this is a possible reason for your problems, the Vista drivers may have worked up until a Windows update may have prevented them from working).

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