Motherboard problem, MSI Wind.

Micro-star international Wind u100 10 ne...
January 26, 2011 at 02:21:14
Specs: Windows XP
I have an MSI Wind netbook. I noticed some screws were missing from the bottom and took it to my usual computer shop to be repaired. They didn't have the right size screws and suggested a hardware shop. I hadn't yet managed to get when I noticed that the case had cracked around the left hinge of the machine and the bottom was lifting off. The machine still boots, but sometime the power cuts out immediately. I've taken it to another shop, where I was told the screws couldn't be replaced as the thread holding them in had broken and that the main board (motherboard?) was broken as well. I'm in Poland and don't speak Polish, so there was a significant language barrier. I had a translator with me, but the diagnosis seems strange to me. Surely if the motherboard was broken the laptop would no longer boot? I'm prepared to replace it, but would prefer to have it repaired if at all possible.

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January 26, 2011 at 03:58:26
Sorry, but if you are not prepared to take the word of a (presumably) qualified technician regarding the state of the unit when he has it right in front of him to examine, then how on earth do you expect anyone on this website to give you any different or better advice? The fact that it randomly shuts down may very well be an indication there is a crack in the motherboard that breaks a circuit when the case/board is flexed in a certain way. If you personally did not remove the missing case screws, and strip out the threads by trying to replace them with the wrong size, this indicates you were not the original owner of the machine.

Here's a thought. Take it apart yourself and photograph all the bits, including close-ups of the screwholes. Post the images on photobucket or some other online service where we can all have a look.

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