Motherboard or CPU?

March 15, 2009 at 13:45:04
Specs: Win XP Pro
2.6 Intel Pentium 4, 400 mhz
1 gig RAM w/ECC (4 sticks)
Intel D850MVL Mobo
Brand new Antec Trio 430w power supply
Brand new SATA hard drive (old drive was bad)

Power supply blew on this machine. It made a "pop"
sound while it was running and smoke came out of the
power supply. I purchased and installed a new power
supply and here's what's going on...

The machine will post but randomly stalls/freezes and
is listing the processor speed as "0 mhz" in the Bios.

It stalls/freezes within WinXP setup and randomly
gives "CMOS" errors (battery low, no date/time set,
etc.) I replaced the battery but no go.

There are four fans running, all green lights are on the
mobo and the heatsink is working properly.

Other things I've tried:

I removed the RAM and got the continuous beep from
the mobo.

Cleaned and applied new thermo grease to CPU and
reattached heatsink.

Removed everything but video card, keyboard, ram
and CPU and set bios to boot from CD--Knoppix
bootable OS. It starts to the load the OS then

Could the power supply short have fried the CPU
and/or motherboard? What should I try replacing first?

Thanks for your help.

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March 15, 2009 at 14:11:16
I don't think anything left to do, you should change the MB as
the problems seem at chip level so better to take the final

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March 15, 2009 at 14:15:34
I doesn't sound like you entered teh BIOS and reset the values after removing the battery. I don't know if that will helps or not.

If it were mine I would try flashing the BIOS before replacing the board. Can't hurt and may help.

Also, did you run a memry test on the RAM? Try memtest86.
I would also try re-seating all RAM, cards and connections a few times. You may have a marginal connection somewhere.

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