more times long beeps mean in the p3 pc

March 1, 2011 at 07:44:16
Specs: Windows xp, celeron
while i'm starting the pc , pc sounded the long beeps more times & no display in the moniter ........... plzzzz,,,,,,,,, help me
pc133 pc
processor--- celeron
ram--- 512mb sdram

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March 1, 2011 at 08:04:02
See Beep codes per your BIOS type:

if above link doesn't help, post your Make/Model # /Type # (if applicable) of PC.

Just another stupid saying...

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March 1, 2011 at 08:04:47
That means the PS3 isn's recieving a signal from the TV, Monitor, ect. You need to just plug in that proper display connection cord. And then, when your PS3 is turning on, right after you hear your PS3 beep once, press and hold the Eject button on the console it's self. It will beep 3 more times, refreshing your PS3's display port & finding your TV.

Lol Silly, I read your question wrong.

3 long beeps means your processor glitched when turning on, and needs a sort of reset.

Not what a book would tell you.

The cache on the chip some times retains the charge of temporary memory after turning off the computer.

All you have to do is completely unplug your computer from the cord or wall, then IF your power supply has a power switch, near where you plug in the power cord, also turn that off.

Then inside the computer, find a plug that has a noticeably larger amount of cords bundled up with it, this connects power from the Supply to the MotherBoard. Unplug this.

Then look for a fan connected to a piece of metal.
If it has latches, un-latch them.
If it has screws, un-screw them.

If you DON'T see that in your computer, then look for a black, or way dark green, or brown rectangle of plastic, usually has either JUST the metal piece, or JUST the fan.

This is your CPU.
The circuit board is almost the size of a video card or larger.

Again, if it has screws, un-screw them.
It if has latches, un-latch them.

If this is your setup, just leave the chip out for about an hour, and plug the CPU back in.
Then re-latch and or re-screw every thing
And then Plug in all your power coards.
THEN IIIFFF you have a power switch, flip this on ALWAYSSSSSSS last.

IFFFF: V..........V............V (look down)

Under the piece of metal, BUT can some times stick to the actual piece of metal, so be careful!!! you see a circuit board and a tiny tiny chip thingy, this is your CPU.

Usually, they have latches to get them out, just look at what ever you have to fasten the CPU in, un-fasten it.


Make sure you lift UPwards in direction so as to NOT bend any pins, and just leave it upside down on a table for about an hour.

Repeat the previous reverse directions and put every thing back together.

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March 1, 2011 at 08:21:25
The O.P. was asking about a problem in his computer which has a Pentium III processor (a.k.a P3), not a Playstation 3 game console (PS3).

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