Monitor/Keyboard not detected.

July 4, 2011 at 04:00:08
Specs: Windows XP Media Center, Pentium Dual Core 1.86ghz/2gb
Dell Dimension 9200, getting on a few years old now. Few weeks ago - its graphics card (Geforce 7900gs) died and the monitor wouldn't turn on. The computer itself would turn on and all the fans spin but neither the monitor or keyboard was recognised.

It's my girlfriends computer and I was away at the time and graphics cards are one thing I hadn't bought before. We looked at a few but ended up with the Radeon HD 5850 (because it was a good price) but after research it is too good for this system. But being anxious to get it up again - she gave it a shot making sure not to stress the card out. Everything worked for a while but then the same problem of not being able to detect the monitor cropped up.

I arrived a few days ago and reseated everything and got the monitor to come on but the system wasn't booting which ended up me re-installing windows on the drive. It was running fine for 2 or 3 days. I had everything installed, up and running and although I knew we needed a better power supply unit, it seemed to be doing okay. Every so often however, the graphics card needed to be reseated. I had been playing Fallout new vegas the day before and nothing bad happened at all, I shut down the PC and in the morning it would no longer recognise the monitor or keyboard again.

I've tested the old graphics card and it still has the same problem (it also stopped rendered graphics correctly - pink and black lines filled the screen - but this was previously when the monitor was still detected). I've reseated everything again with no luck and I'm stumped.

My thoughts are that its either the motherboard or the PSU but I have no way to test right now (not enough money to buy a new one of either). It could be that the old graphics card did infact just die and the new graphics card is too good for the system, it's just strange to they present themself as the same problem.

It also stumps me that it would work fine for days then just suddenly stop when it had been shut down correctly and nothing had changed at all. So I guess I just want someone with more experience to advise me whats wrong or that they've seen this before.

It's the Dell Dimension 9200 set up -

Dual core 1.86ghz
375w PSU (Greatly underpowered)

^I guess those are the main things.

My mind is at two scenarios right now.

The motherboard is broke. Same problem with both graphics cards makes me think this.


The first graphics card is broke but the system isn't good enough for the new one but may work with a new PSU?

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July 4, 2011 at 04:38:02
HD 5850 is for serious gamers and CPU can't keep up. Alone hd 5850 can eat up to 151w, it is clear 375w oem psu can't handle the load. U need a good power supply like this one

Geforce 7900gs is bad may be this can give a video card a second life

There are number of reasons why the system refuse to post, one of them is bad psu. I believe the motherboard and hd 5850 are ok but the real problem is psu. Make sure the v-card sit correct in PCIe x16 slot or u will end up with blank screen.

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July 4, 2011 at 09:54:54
Thanks Kuwese.

I suspected as much that is was the power supply, guess I'll just have to wait till I can get a new one. I'm in the UK so I couldn't get the one in the link but I was at least thinking 600w for a new one. I was just suprised that it was able to cope being on all day - I monitored it playing New Vegas and it didn't get above 49 degeress which I think is acceptable. I don't know much about power supplys however so here I am...

I've heard about the oven trick before but for some reason I never thought about trying it for this graphics card - perhaps I'll give it a go some time in the future. I'm a little apprehensive still because it could still be a mothercard problem and I don't want to cook a perfectly good graphics card.

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