monitor problems no input signal

Compaq / Sr2030nx
March 19, 2009 at 15:42:50
Specs: Windows XP
let me just start off my saying about a year ago i had a computer repair guy put a new video card in my pc. where as i had a built in video card i guess cuz the old monitor jack goes straight into the motherboard.

just recently my screen froze as if my computer had crashed. normally i would just hold down the power button and let it sit a minute then restart it.

but this time when i tried to restart it. it gave me the "no input signal message" as if my monitor wasnt connected to my pc.

if i waited till the next day my monitor will turn on and work fine for about 1-2 minutes after the start up process finishes and im in windows, then it would freeze like b4 but if i click around i can hear the mouse sounds temporarily then freeze all together. and anytime i turn it on immediately after that it will give me the "no input signal" again. and occasionally it will freeze in the xp startup screen, and i can hear the startup noises and the mouse clicking but still stuck on xp screen.

i have seen other people with similar problems, but none that had this problem, with the screen working temporarily and rarely, then just freezing.

please help me i work from my computer and im forced to use a 90's computer that is slower than snails

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March 19, 2009 at 22:23:09
The problem almost certainly is not related to your video. The video isn't coming up because of some other hardware problem.

You talk about the 'mouse clicking'. We speak of clicking the mouse on an icon, for example, but you use that term as if you're hearing a clicking noise. Unless you've added some utility that is giving the mouse some audio then the most likely source of the noise is the hard drive. A hard drive will make noises that some might call 'clicking' when it's being accessed--most noticeable when it boots. A failing drive can also make clicking noises but different than those it makes when booting up normally. You'll have to decide from your previous experiences with it if the clicking noises are the normal ones or not.

You can open the case and make sure the hard drive data cable is in good condition and tightly connected but most likely your hard drive is failing and you'll be needing a new one very shortly. If you can get one before the current one fails completely you should be able to transfer everything to the new one.

Now suppose I'm wrong and it is the card. Just open up the case and remove the card and use the on-board video. If the problem goes away when not using the card then the card is the problem.

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