Solved monitor in powersave affecting tower

June 8, 2011 at 02:59:47
Specs: Windows XP
Dear Experts,

I have a Dell P4 pc. Yesterday when I went to cold boot my pc, nothing happened. I then switch it back off and then noticed that my CPU's led is shining orange instead of green as it is supposed to do when it boots. I also noticed that the big fan in my CPU was very loud it sounded like my box was going to fly off lol like a jet that is ready for take off. Afterwards i notice that my monitor is on powersave mode and it says activate monitor from pc. How is one suppose to do that? I took the cmos battery out and unplugged almost everything from the motherboard ( most parts are mounted to the board) I thought that maybe it was my power supply but upon inspection i saw that the fan is still turning etc. the fan on my Nvidia 8400 GS graphic card is als turning just fine so all 3 fans is working but the big one sounds almost a bit scary. its not making funny noises its just so fast and loud.

can you please help me? maybe guide me with your expertise to set this right myself? I cannot afford to take it to technicians again, plus the last time it was there one harddrive and one DDR ram was stolen out of my box! Please I am very worried as I need my pc to work from home somedays.

I will come back to thank you:-)
Kind regards

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June 8, 2011 at 03:57:09
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Ignore that message. There will be no display if the computer is not starting properly.

From what you described I would guess you have a hardware problem. The fact that the CPU fan is running at full speed indicates there may be a problem in that area.

So you saw no video even at the very beginning of the start up? If no, then unplug the tower and see if the CPU fan/heat sink will move easily.

Look at the link below an see if you have a part under the CPU fan/ heat sink that looks like that. If so, one or more of the retention pins in the corners may have come loose. That allows the heat sink to not make good contact with the CPU and the CPU immediately overheats. In self protection the CPU shuts down.

This may not be your problem but from your description it sounds like it.

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June 8, 2011 at 04:19:31
Wow that makes perfect sense even to a dummy wanna be like me! Concerning the heatsink I honestly dont have an answer for you, My tower is kind of difficult to understand but I will have a look this afternoon after work. The fan is hard to reach its situated underneath the power supply but theres little space between them. it has this silver contraption on top with four points standing up the its covered with a thick green plastic top which is held down by the points. about 3 maybe 5cm from the back of the fan is a huge silver thingy that looks like a small sky scraper building( thats what i call it anyway). its hard to see the bottom also everything is almost like its crammed into the one side or corner. and the rest of the motherboard looks almost deserted except for the chips and rams and IDE connectors. Is there a way to upload pictures here? i could take snaps of the inside of my cpu. i will tell u the exact model tomorrow. For now thanks so much for your speedy reply I will defnitely try it today!

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