monitor doesent display anything on power on

July 4, 2009 at 17:11:00
Specs: windows xp sp3
hi, when i turn power on computer starts (cpu fan,
graphic card fan, power supply fan, etc.)but no display
shows up on my monitor (sucks!!!) hav tested monitor
and works was working yesterday with no probs until i
tried putting new ram in (but didnt fit xD) i wanna fix this
myself as i am only 15 y/o and dont have truck loads of
money,o and there is no internal speaker so i cant hear
beeps but the SPEECH doesent work either.(btw mobo
is asus a7v333, psu is hyena or sumthing,and vid card
is leadtek winfast geforce sumthing xD)

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July 4, 2009 at 18:05:55

This is a very basic & short term answer I only know about this because I am having this exact problem on one of my other PC's with the one I have the only thing that seems to bring the display signal back is to turn off your system, Turn off at plug socket and if it is a Tower system on the back of the tower there will be a small black on/off switch (turn it off) it is for the PSU (power supply unit)
Leave it all off and un-plugged for about 30min
Then after 30min re-connect all cables and turn power on and hopefully the monitor signal will come through as it is meant too.
I know this is a very basic and short term answer, and when I find out exactly what the problem is with my system I will post another reply on here for you.
I hope this works for you???? Honestly I don’t know if it will but it works for my system that is having the same problem.

Good Luck anyway mate,


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July 5, 2009 at 01:52:18
thanks, i will try what you said and post what happens.

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July 5, 2009 at 02:58:46
okay, hi again, its been at least an hour now and i turned
evrything bak on pluggrd in etc. and.......wait for
it..................................nothing happened -.-.
i am guna try reset cmos but leave the battery out all night.
if that doesent work then i will be really pissed..... 3 whole
days and no gaming xD if it fails i will strip down my whole
mobo and do process of elimination thing to find out the
culprit that is defective. i know the monitor works bcuz im
using it right now. and if all fails then i will go hang

thanks for your help might be working by 2moro morning,i
dunno. i will post again in morning the results....thanks
again.(btw my screen does get a signal but it doesent
display anything the green light on monitor just blinks green
like its in standby or soft off mode or wateva)
i suppose i shuld tell u my specs....duh.....-.-...
well mobo is asus a7v333.....
graphic card(which has monitor plugged into it) is winfast
leadtek cant be bothered looking closely for more
psu=hyena 300 wats output and alot of other stuff i dont
cpu is athlon 1800+ or sumthing cant really tell with no
computer to turn on....0.o....
and ram is i dont know lol doesent say anything on them
but theres uhhh two of them both next to each other in
DIMM slots 2&3 bcuz they worked fine there 3 days ago....
and thats about it,,,
wow wat a long post.....
thanks again for the third time.
dont 4get to reply me the results of ur problem.
o and thank you for ur time
(jst using manners ;-)

and byee (any help wanted).

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