Mobo's wont power on

September 1, 2011 at 00:22:10
Specs: None, semphrton 3000+/amd athlon 900
I have two PSU's, 2 processors, and 2 motherboards.. Multiple cmos batterys, one i KNOW lives.

I have checked my jumpers to factory spec.. i have swaped the CPU's, changed the PSU's, changed the boards.. But i cant get them to do a damn thing. Ive even done the cmos's and all.

Its not a switch, im shorting it to jump it. I can not seem to get any reaction at all except when i plug the psu to the mobo while its live, and then its just a bit of fan reaction but quickly cuts out.

The pc is not in a case, its on wood for testing. ive pulled all things to the point where its only psu, and motherboard.. and processor with heatsink. Im COMPLETELY dumbfounded..
No post, no boot. No reaction to a switch or a short for power SW

ideas..? i even tried hooking a new psu to it, nothing.. same reaction.

Any tips are welcome

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September 1, 2011 at 02:45:44
First question is where did you get the hardware from? can you confirm they are working and that they rae compatible?

place the motherboard on a non conductive surface (like you said wood).

insert 1 stick of ram
graphics card
cpu / heatsink

then plug in your psu, make sure that if the motherboard requires a 4 or 6 pin connector as well as the 20 pin, ensure your psu has that on it.

if you graphics card needs an additional connector make sure you plug that in too,

using a strewdriver with a rubber or plastic handle (or a switch) short the power button and see what happens.

come back with results.

i would also test the psu's and see what voltages they are giving.

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