Mobo turns on, no post, lights on mobo work

Gigabyte P55-ud4p motherboard - intel p5...
January 18, 2010 at 21:10:41
Specs: Windows XP
Hey everyone. I got a friend whos sisters pc doesn't post. I tested the power supply using an voltage tester and the voltages are perfect. The power supply AND motherboard are brand new. They bought these two items maybe a couple of weeks ago. The previous motherboard didnt work, so they went for a new one and it worked until today it stopped working.

The problem is when we hit the power button, the board lights up, the cpu, power supply fans spin. However, the screen is blank, and there is no post or beeps.

Then the next thing I did was, I removed the ram from the board turned it on and we get three beeps meaning the ram is not connected. So we try another ram and same issue it wont beep, only it beeps if you dont keep any ram connected onboard.

I suspect a cpu issue here? We do not have a spare cpu, but if you guys have any other ideas what could be a simple problem, let us know.

We tried two power supplies, 2 sticks of ddr 2 ram and no beeps or posts. It beeps if u dont have ram in the board 3 times. So it looks to me the board is fine since it beeps, but looks as if the cpu is fried or shorted hmmm.

The motherboard up thier is just picked randomly. Friend doesnt know what the mobo is, but i knows its a Gigabyte, not sure what model. It uses DDR2

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January 18, 2010 at 22:00:11
U didn't provide system specs.May be all psu u tested are cheapo.I suspect psu or board. the motherboard beeps that means cpu is working if u remove cpu the motherboard won't beep.Try to pull out motherboard,cpu plus heatsink,psu,ram(one stick),video card(better use onboard video),keyboard & mouse.Connects all components i mentioned outside and start the system. Post back results.

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January 18, 2010 at 22:14:53
if i give you the system specs, that doesnt make sense to me, unless I have trouble starting up a software application like if its too slow, etc etc... this is a hardware issue.

but since this isnt my pc, i dont have a list of specs.

its however a Mini ITX board by Gigabyte

There is a onboard video.

if the power supply is giving accurate voltages how can it be a bad power supply? I tested it with a "power supply tester" and we tested the board with ANOTHER power supply and that also does the same thing. Like I said brand new power supply, so i doubt the issue is that.

The motherboard beeps if there is no ram present. however, if you place any WORKING ram, the motherboard doesnt beep.

The motherboard will not turn on if there is NO cpu present. If you place a cpu in the socket LGA 775 the board will turn on but no beep. If you then take out the ram, and turn the board on, it beeps 3 times meaning there is no ram.

Everything is pulled out from the case, and placed on a anti-static bag.

Well, still fools me as of now. Im gonna try another CPU and see what happens.

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January 18, 2010 at 22:33:53
Iam sure the cpu is fine but test cpu,ram,psu in another system.I remember my old p4 board(socket 478) when i remove ram it beeps but finally i found out it's mobo faulty.Nowdays it's hard to fry cpu.

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January 18, 2010 at 22:46:38
"if i give u the system specs that doesnt make sense to me" so u want me to guess the system specs? May be u have demanding graphic card and cheapo psu(single +12v@20) and system won't post and still u say the cpu is bad.

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January 18, 2010 at 23:01:37
again the power supply WORKS! lol. it has been tested and it works fine. like I said in the previous post, we tested with another power supply this time with a Thermal take power supply and it still does the same issue.

the motherboard is a mini ITX, which has a onboard video and those suck for games lol.

I mean the board was working fine my friend said until recently this happened.

since we tested almost every component except the cpu, ill try to find a cpu and test it in this motherboard. I will let you know. This problem is driving us crazy lol.

We tested the ram and power supply so long ago in a different system (my friends pc) and they work fine. So if they work there, then it brings down either a mobo issue or cpu lol.

I wish cpu and mobos could talk and tell us they are not working right.

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January 18, 2010 at 23:37:43
"i wish cpu & mobos could talk and tell us they are not working right" hahaaa!! i wish that too but they talk via beep codes.

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