Missing data from the slave hard drive

November 9, 2016 at 16:11:26
Specs: Windows
The master hard drive on my notebook has bad sectors and my Windows isn't starting. The second one was working fine and was almost full of data, but the guys that had to fix my problem, told me that the master drive is fully broken and because the second one is empty, they will install new Windows on it. How is this possible.. I am sure that the slave hard drive had 100 gb free space (from 750 gb total space) and all of my personal data like pictures or videos was on it. Is there any connection between files on the first and the second hard drive?

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November 9, 2016 at 16:22:20
Do NOT permit them to install anything on the second drive; nor allow them to do anything to it...

Invest in a new (master) drive for your laptop. they're cheap enough... And if the pennies allow perhaps stretch to an SSD, as they will show a marked improvement in performance.

I have used Crucial SSD and often their drives can be found a little cheaper on Amazon.

Back to your second drive. Using third-party software one can check the drive and if necessary recover lost data.

Incidentally, is your second drive a usb enclosed device? I ask, as though call it a slaved drive, most (all?) laptops/notebooks have only one drive?

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November 10, 2016 at 03:44:46
Hi Vandi, are you sure there is a slave drive involved? - on a Notebook!

Am wondering if it is a partition that looks like a second drive.

As Trvir advises, do not let anyone touch that drive, until you are certain your data is safely backed up in **MORE THAN ONE** location.

Good Luck - Keep us posted.

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November 10, 2016 at 04:36:33
Hello everyone. The notebook is Hp envy 17 and the model has 2 hard drives - 750 gb each one. On the first I had 300-400 gb used space (hard disk C), the second one was with 650 gb used space (hard disk D)... For that I'm sure that it's not a partinion. And also before I gave the laptop on service, I opened it and there was two hard drives, I checked the connection between the drives and everything was ok. I'm hopping that the guys on the service are wrong and the data is still there... maybe I had to remove my second drive and leave it at home.. but I didn't think about that.
Thank you for the advice - I will install new Windows on a new hard drive.

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November 10, 2016 at 04:56:23
A 750GB HDD actually has approx 698GB of storage space.

If the primary HDD was bad, it should have been replaced rather than using the 2nd HDD. It would have been a perfect time to upgrade to a SSD. Actually, I'm surprised the Envy 17 didn't have one. It must be an older model.

I find it hard to believe a shop wouldn't check the 2nd HDD for data before partitioning/formatting. Even during the Windows installation they should have been warned that the drive contained data. Must be an incompetent shop. If they did install Windows on your 2nd HDD, you might be able to retrieve some of your data, but it's likely you lost the portion that was over-written by Windows. Do NOT use the laptop. The more you use it, the less the chances of retrieving your files. Remove the HDD & connect it to another computer via a USB adapter, then use recovery software to see what you can salvage. I bet the shop has a "not responsible for lost data" policy.


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