MEDION computer cant read SD card

December 1, 2011 at 04:33:22
Specs: Windows XP (SP3)

my computer (MEDION) cant read SD card and some other things... i went to device manager and get this:
i got a problem with my mulitmedia controller like you can see on this picture:
(the video controller i fixed already)

down here its the website from medion where you can DL drivers, maybe you can help me with it cause idk what to download.

--> to make it work i will give an example how i did for me:
- you see full text search (S/N number MED) for me thats the nr: 11184010190549

just fill it in and stuff will come up to download. hope you can help me.

i downloaded already: Smart Cardreader Software Flash XL V 4.0
but when i want to install it, i get this message:
wanne install W83L518D on pc? and i press yes and then it says cant find any SMART IO chip.
idk if i need this for my SD card to work but if so how can i fix it?
all mu usb ports are working also... its just my front SD card reader and compact flash, smart card, smart media, my front line out of audio and line in from microphone also dont work but on the back it works. maybe its my sounds card that got problems or flash driver or video card, iiidk, im not that smart in this things hehe

(in the past it worked but now it doesnt anymore, maybe i removed it bad, idk...)

thx a lot

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December 2, 2011 at 05:30:45
The model serial number (MSN) you posted is too long: 11184010190549
Medion serial numbers have only eight digits, NOT fourteen.

Go back to their website and enter the correct serial number which eight digits.
The drivers you have installed so far are the wrong ones for your model, that's why the devices don't work.

If you don't understand about the serial number, try searching with Model Number instead.

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December 3, 2011 at 10:53:31
i know its not the MSN nr, i also said it wasnt :-)
you go to the website as i described before then you will see you need to fill in MSN nr but in the window just under it you also can fill in this nr, just try it and you will see

in the window it says this: Alternatively enter the model number (MD Lt, mm, E, P, S, X number) in the full-text search, or use the serial number (S/N number MED) PCs or search below for the appropriate product category.
FULL TEXT: and then give those nrs in it, good luck. (11184010190549)

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