main profile unaccessible

Toshiba 640gb usb 2.0 portable external...
January 24, 2010 at 10:52:07
Specs: Windows Vista
when i try to log on to my main profile, my message
says, the user profile service service failed to log on,
profile cannot be loaded. this has kept me out of all
important pictures, music, programs, and important
are in this profile so i no longer have access to any of
this; please help, i have no one to turn to.

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January 24, 2010 at 14:15:14
"Product: Toshiba 640gb usb 2.0 portable external hard drive (rocket red) new"

Why did you specify that?

If the profile you are trying to access is on that external drive, and it's USB connected
- the external drive must be connected to a USB port it can work properly with when plugged into.
USB devices may not work correctly when they're connected to certain USB ports e.g. ports in a hub or on the front of a desktop case. If you have a desktop computer, you may have an IRQ sharing problem you need to fix, or your power supply may be starting to fail.
See response 3 in this:

- the external drive also requires that the USB port it is connected to can supply the full USB spec 500ma - e.g. ports built into the mboard can - others may not be able to.

- "portable" indicates it has a 2.5" laptop sized hard drive inside of it. Some such external drives must be connected to TWO USB ports on the computer end, one of which can supply 500ma, or the total current available from the two ports can supply must be at least 500ma, or to one USB port and also have an external power adapter connected to a optional jack that's on the external case, in order for the drive to be recognized properly.

When one gets a similar message in XP or 2000 , it means something necessary that loads the user profile has been corrupted.
The cure with those operating systems, if you don't want to lose the personal data, is you
- boot the computer into Safe mode, use the Administator user, make sure you have Folder Options in Control Panel set to show all files (some are hidden by default),
and copy all the personal data in C:\Documents and Settings\ the user you can't get into\ all it's sub folders to someplace else on the harddrive (copy the folder of the user you can't get into and all it's contents, which includes the sub folders, and not the C:\Documents and Settings folder.)
- make a new user
- copy the contents of, but not the parent folder \ the user you can't get into you can't get into, to the C:\Documents and Settings\new user folder.

You can't retain the personal data in the user profile you can't access by using Administator mode to delete the profile you can't access then make one again using exactly the same name, or by re-naming the user you can't access. In both cases, for security reasons, all the personal data in \ the user you can't get into\ all it's sub folders is deleted and it does NOT show up in the Recycle bin. The only way you have any chance of recovering any of that data in that case is if you connect or jumper the drive, and/or set the mboard bios settings, on a working computer that has an operating system, so you're not booting from that drive, then you obtain an Undelete or similar program, install it, and have it attempt to recover the data that was lost.

You need to do similar in Vista, but the personal data location for the user is different, and you don't access Administrator mode the same way.
I don't know enough yet to be able to tell you how do do that in Vista.

Try searching the web using:
recover corrupted "user profile" in Vista
or can't access "user profile" in Vista
or use something along with the exact message words to search with
e.g. fix "the user profile service service failed to log on" Vista
with or without the quotes.
Or similar.

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