Lost data on iomega minimax drive

March 12, 2009 at 14:35:50
Specs: Apple
I was backing up my iomega minimax drive when the computer (Apple Mac) froze and had t reboot. It can now find teh HDD but can't find any data on it. When I run repair utilties and disk repair it just keeps giving an error.

Any idea how to recover the data

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March 12, 2009 at 18:14:44
If you're running a Windows operating system I can suggest some good data recovery programs, but I know nothing about Mac operating systems, or programs for it , and on this site if that's what you have you would be better off posting a topic about this subject in the Mac forum - it's Listed under General Forums - or on a Mac only help site, where there would be more people who know all about Mac operating systems etc. who can answer you.

Or you can search the Mac forum here,
e.g. for data recovery:

Universal stuff....

Apparently the Mini Max has both USB 2.0 and firewire ports, possibly three of each.

Other than that, it's NOT normal for you to see NO data on the external drive from simply having had to reboot the computer, even if you had to hold the power button in to shut down the computer - you should be able to see the vast majority of it even if there is some data damage, unless you were doing a backup or similar and there was only one huge file, or unless you unplugged the USB or firewire cable while the operating system was still running, frozen or not .

Make sure the cables to it are plugged in all the way, on both ends if applicable, and are not damaged.

Plug the drive ONLY into a USB or firewire port directly connected to the computer - do NOT plug it into a hub with multiple ports that connects to only one mboard directly connected port, even if it is"powered" and has an additional external power adapter, or into ports in a printer, or a keyboard, or whatever. If the drive has a power adapter it MUST be plugged in, and it MUST be working properly.

If you have more than one USB or firewire ports on the Mini Max, DO NOT plug anything into the ports than tends to require more current such as a printer. DO NOT plug another extenal hard drive into the ports on the Mini Max! Those ports are the same type of hub I mentioned above - ok for the mini max, but not for other things that draw a lot of current as well.

The reason for that is the hard drive and enclosure draw at least 1 amp of current at +5v if not more (the hard drive inside it alone draws probably 1 amp while spinning up) and that MUST be supplied with enough current, otherwise the drive cannot work correctly. USB or firewire ports MUST be able to supply up to the standard max 500ma, and only the mboard ports can always be relied on to do that, AND MANY things DO NOT work correcly when plugged into such a hub, even when they are "powered"..

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March 12, 2009 at 18:25:44
Was actually doing a backup when it happened
or at least my friend was who I'm asking the questions for

thanks for the advice, most helpful

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March 12, 2009 at 18:59:54
There's probably nothing physically wrong with the drive.
If there isn't any other important data on the drive, if you can see the partition(s) on it fine, just do the backup over again. If you can't see it/them fine, delete the partition(s) and make it/them again, do the backup over again.
Follow the software manufacturer's instructions.
In Windows they often suggest you have a minimum number of programs running while running such software, and/or running it in Safe mode where there always fewer programs running. It's often a good idea to disable any screen saver that's being used, especially if it did not come with the operating system, to make sure it's coming on doesn't interfere with what the software is doing.
You may need to do similar.

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