Looking for picture to explain motherboard connectors

June 24, 2012 at 23:28:46
Specs: Vista, AMD/3gb
I need a picture of HT 2000 MFC615M board showing and explaining connectors. Is this board SATA ready and there are several plug in connectors I am not sure of.

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June 25, 2012 at 00:59:27
..are you sure that is the Motherboard identifier, nothing comes up in Google ?

Googling is quicker than waiting for an answer....

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June 25, 2012 at 05:08:03
What's to explain? ATX plugs into ATX, ATX12V plugs into ATX12V, IDE plus in IDE, SATA plugs into SATA, etc. The only connectors you may have problems figuring out is the front panel wiring. We can't help without knowing the proper make/model of the board - what you posted ain't it.

I can only guess you have an AMD based system. HT 2000 would be the hypertransport bus speed = 2000MHz. And I suspect the board is based on the Geforce6150/nForce4 chipset combo. If the board is from an OEM system (Dell, HP, Gateway, etc), post the make/model of the system.

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June 25, 2012 at 05:55:40
This is an Acer T180 with HT 2000 MCP61SM-AM. s/n V0110810471Q0CEC motherboard. The desktop s/n PTS560X046709025242703 and snid 70900950827. At the Acer support I receive an error 'this does not appear to be a legitimate #. I checked and double-checked. It was mfg 2007

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June 25, 2012 at 06:33:47
This is a similar MCP61SM-GM from Gateway (Acer) showing the 10 pin front panel header:


It is actually an Acer Aspire T180......


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June 25, 2012 at 07:23:31
"Is this board SATA ready..."


Aspire T180 Specifications


System Chipset:
nVidia MCP61S + MCP61P

3.5" 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive (selected models)
CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD/CD-RW Combo, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD Dual, DVD SupermultiPlus (varies by models)
Up to 400GB Hard Disk Drive SATA (varies by models)
9 in 1 Card Reader (selected models)

The size of the hard drive varies by model - they all have the SATA headers.

If you're already using both SATA headers you can also install up to two IDE drives, or you could install a PCI-E X1 or a PCI SATA drive controller card and connect SATA drives to that.

"Acer T180 with HT 2000 MCP61SM-AM................motherboard.."

The mboard is the ECS MCP61SM-AM OEM only model - made only for brand name system builders - ECS has no support for it - there is no specific manual available for it.

However, there are pictures of it on the web.


Ecs MCP61SM-AM mboard picture

E.g. Orange connectors beside the heat sink on the right are the SATA headers

You don't need to enter a serial number on the Acer web site to find the general support for it - you just need to look for downloads for Desktop - Aspire - T180
You may need to choose the right reginal Acer web site in order for the serial number or SNID to be recognized as valid.

All Acer ever has for manuals are generic. El-cheapo computer, el-cheapo support.

In this case there's a Generic User Gude, and a User Manual there.

If you need more specific info, you look at a manual for a retail ECS mboard made at about the same time, that is using the same, or a similar, main chipset.
Mboard manufacturers tend to use the same pin outs for headers of mboards that were made at about the same time, and the pin outs for some headers such as for USB are often the same for many years.

Search using: ECS motherboard MCP61S + MCP61P


MCP61M-M3 (V7.0/ V7.1)

Download the manual for that and look at it.

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June 26, 2012 at 06:16:34
I want to thank all of you! It is impossible to rate the helpers, as they all were very good. In 1985 I began repairing/building desktop computers as a sideline home business. Due to health and age, I dropped out 10 years ago. Now it is like starting over. Again thank all, maybe someday I will be able to help, Bob

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June 26, 2012 at 07:42:07
You were repariing/building computers in 1985 !
My personal computer experiences started in 1989 (I was ~ 38).

Gateway's home support page for the ECS MCP61SM-GM mboard

It's not the same mboard as you have but it's similar.

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June 26, 2012 at 18:21:04
It is mind-boggling the changes since 1985. At that time I never heard of windows and most software programs were free. The Gateway board image is great. Just what I was looking for. Again, thank you all, this group is great. Bob

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