Look for old motherboard!

January 17, 2010 at 14:55:17
Specs: Dos 6.0, 16mb
This is not really a question, but I am in search of a certain motherboard.

I want to repair my old dos pc I had since I was little, which was broken when I fried the motherboard (don't ask). It has to be the right one because, well it has a lot of nostalgia behind it. I remember the following about the mobo:

-Was a PCChips motherboard (Iffy but I am pretty sure on that)
-Socket 7
-Had 3 ISA Slots
-Key part: AMI BIOS, with GUI interface setup screen (puts it at 1994+ then), and when it boot, the AMI, PnP, and energy star logo's were displayed along the the top (NOT the giant energy star one, Award uses on the right side). Also a blue box with so writing appear on the bottom of the screen (can't recall what it displayed, prob some mobo details or a copyright).
-3 or 4 PCI slots
-AT form factor
-Was a brown circuit board
-I am pretty sure it didn't have any ATX parts, so no DIMM slots, or ATX power socket.

Also will buy if anyone has this motherboard.

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January 17, 2010 at 16:12:25
Do you still have the fried mboard?
If you do , they almost always have no model number printed on them, but I have info about them and might be able to figure out which one it was by markings on the mboard main chipset heatsink and/or chips that are only used by HsingTech, the company who actually made the mboard, and by the number if slots on it etc.
Do you still have the printed manual (it's generic - PCChips is probably not mentioned in it's contents anywhere; PCChips may or may not be on it's cover), or the CD that came with it and the manual on that (PCChips may or may not be apparent on it's labelling).

Most of the info about older PCChips models is no longer available, including on the PCChips web sites, but there still may be some info available on a few third party sites.
I still have some of the manuals and other info for many of the older models.

You don't necessarly need the same mboard if you still have the other components. There are lots of better used mboards out there that have ISA slots - e.g. the earlier super socket 7 mboards were AT and often have a larger ram capacity, some have SIMM slots, and your cpu will work in them or you could buy a faster one.

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January 17, 2010 at 17:34:18
Gotta have the numbers off the old board if you still have it; I still have several old PCChips Socket 7 boards I'd give away for the cost of shipping.


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January 17, 2010 at 17:54:53
Or if it was a proprietary PC, supplying the make & model might help track down the stock motherboard that came with the machine.

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January 17, 2010 at 18:52:22
Sadly, that motherboard was thrown out long ago, so this is all I have that I can work with. I know I could get a better motherboard but that is not the reason, I just want the pc back to it's original state (sentimental value you could say). Skipcox, that's great, but since I don't have the ### I have to figure out what it was based on description.

As I said, I do know it had an AMI WinBIOS, so Skipcox, do you know by chance which of them had that?

Crude drawing from memory of the bios' boot

Specifically the AMI, PnP, and Energy Star logos along the top of the screen, and that blue text box which I am pretty sure contained a copyright of some sort. Would also show in blue to press enter if a boot disk was inserted (iirc).

Really regretting tossing that motherboard now =\

Right now I have a feeling it's this one http://motherboards.mbarron.net/mod...

Thanks for helping everyone!

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January 17, 2010 at 19:41:17
I'll take a look tomorrow, see what I have, and post a list.


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January 17, 2010 at 20:28:18
Take a look at some of the block diagrams of the PCCHIPS boards here:


and see if you recognize it.

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January 18, 2010 at 10:41:27
Most older PCChips mboards
- have AMI bios versions.
- have no model number printed on the mboard surface.
- have generic manuals - PCChips isn't anywhere in the contents. There is usually no PCChips on a printed manual's cover, just a generic title.

HsingTech is who actually made the mboards - PCChips is their retail brand. Hsing Tech also sold their mboards OEM to many other vendors, especially in the past - e.g. Amptron, and ECS, who used similar but not the same or quite different model designations. ECS sometimes made/makes their own version of the mboard manual. Cheaper ECS mboards are often actually Hsing Tech mboards, and are identical to PCChips models.
Sometimes a vendor other than PCChips attached a label to the mboard stating their version model number.

You didn't say if you still have the printed manual or CD for it - you may have to search around for that - if you can dig that up we can use info from it to make an exact match - or if you still have the case and components, minus the mboard.

I have 10 english manuals for PCChips 5xx models on my hard drives (and one German one), they're relatively small if they want them via email (PM me) , one generic printed manual for 500 (M500) and the dead mboard that goes with it (bios crapped out; USB header never worked) , and info about other 5xx models. They're properly known as M5xx models.

mbbaron doesn't have all the M5xx models.

These had Intel, Via, or SiS main chipsets.
Can you remember which?

The mboard you pointed to has Vxxxx on the two main chips. That's HsingTech specific re-labelleling of the main chips. Are you sure you had chips with Vxxxx printed on them? If so, it had a re-labelled Via main chipset.
E.g. VX Pro, VX Pro+, VX Two.
If you still have and can dig up the manual, the re-named label for the chipset or sound chips is prominantly mentioned in the manual.

Can you remember if the mboard had onboard sound? (If it didn't, you may still have a sound card that wasin the system).About half the M5xx models didn't have that.

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