Linux Computer won't boot in a strange way

November 18, 2011 at 09:47:18
Specs: Ubuntu, Xenon 3ghz/4gb
When running linux I got a message that an unknown program would not stop. The computer was running slow and then just wouldn't do anything, so I turned it off. Turned it on and the hard drive made a funny buzzing noise, said it had a I think hard drive or memory error one or the other, after the boot choice between windows and ubuntu it just gave I think itwas a black screen. I bought another hard drive (both IDE's this is an old IBM intellistation pro z tower server I run regular stuff on - both fast and cheap I don't know why it's not a common practice) and it made an even weirder and louder buzzing noise and won't even go beyond I think it's the first boot up screen where it says 'press esc to avoid memory test' or something like that. I think I had to take the hard drive out to reinstall the IBM supplied newest BIOS off of a usb stick (when you take out the hard drive it boots up fine but there's no IDE hard drive installed - I haven't tried booting up a copy of linux off a usb stick I might should try that). I tried plugging the new hard drive into a different IDE slot and that didn't change anything (though I probably should have turned the cd from slave to master since it was a separate cord at that point - the new hard drive stayed set to master the whole time). I'm wondering if I got a very weired malevolent virus that fried whatever circuits work the hard drives and maybe that's why it won't do anything with a hard drive installed. Is there some other thing you can reset outside of the BIOS that might be a problem even if a new hard drive is installed? This new hard drive is second hand and they said it was very likely tested and very likely worked but I could go exchange it if I couldn't get it to work for another one that they were sure worked. I'm wondering if since it would reinstall the bios off a usb if I should get a usb hard drive to work off of or not but I'm not sure if this computer will boot of such a thing. It's an intellistation pro z type 6221 IBM from like 2001 or 20003 or something. I haven't messed with it's hardware save give it 4 GB ram for about 15 bucks a gig [WHY DON"T PEOPLE BUY THESE THINGS OFF EBAY IF ONE DOESN'T WORK THE SECOND ONE WILL YOU'D OF SPENT LESS MONEY THAN ON A NEW COMPUTER AND THE HARDWARE IS BETTER JUST WATCH) 2 3 ghz xenon processors and a I think it was 30 or 40 dollar 256 mb video card off ebay plus the original 32 mb for 3 monitors all of which cost 5 bucks at goodwill since they are old tube versions and the hard drive was an old ide from the back room of a store for 20 bucks at 60 gigs if I need storage I'll buy a usb drive. If I had a job I'd piece together the mother board I bought for about 80 bucks with the 4 I think it was 606 pin xenon processors I think 2 ghz each for about 13 bucks a processor and the I think 30 or 40 dollar 4 gb ram chip. If I want to rule the world it can have 4 plug ins that hold a total of some 100+ gb of ram heh. All this stuff's on ebay you could have a king of a computer for 200 bucks like this and if you wanted it to look nice get a bunch of plywood to make a case out of. A friend of mine looked into this kind of thing for gaming but Dell told him it wouldn't work - can we say conflict of interest?? I expect some of yall are looking for jobs, well if you put together a beast like that in a nice plywood case and sell it for 400 dollars and pay 200 dollars for the parts someone on ebay will want it. Just download some freeware version of a navier stokes equation software and tell it to simulate the great flood in Genesis and engineers will pay maybe 1000 dollars for it. Try that for a job yall, it'll pay way better than the geek squad I assure you!
Not to mention if you submerse it in fc fluid (or was it used hydraulic fluid that you put through a paper filter?) seal up the case and put epoxy paste around all the nooks and crannies, pressure test it with your bicycle pump and if you really want to overclock it and sell it for big bucks tack on a used refrigerant pump with a copper tube and a heat sink inside the fc fluid inside your expoxy painted plywood case, you may be able to tell them you'll work on it if they ship it back all for a fee to install even better hardware on it plus it'll sell big time if you wayy overclock 4 xenons like that. You just gotta write some crummy code with a bit counter and see how fast it'll go all night long without overheating and tack that on the advertisement. Go talk to some of these small consulting businesses and just call them up 'would you like a computer for [double what it would cost you or even quadruple what it would cost you] that does [just tell them 4 times the calcs on the sticker cause you'll overclock it] and I guarantee you it'll blow the engineer your talking to away since you ask for engineerring and no one else. Someone will want that monster cause the comercial version would run about 4 or 10 times more expensive than you'd sell it and maybe not have all the ram video memory and processing power cause they are selling the new thing for a mutliple for a markup rather than what's reasonable. These small companies are wanting their engineers and other folks to not spend so much time waiting for a computer to run and some of them if you call enough will say 'hell yes I want that for that price'. Then build it for maybe 500 or 600 dollars when you get 4 companies saying that and sell it for maybe 3000 dollars and get a reputation. NOW your in business. If your a programmer you can write a python script for the freecad and Elmer multiphysics FEA software that you get by installing ubuntu and downloading it from the software center . Both look attractive to me and they are freeware so you can write python to automate the scripts. When you get a good protocol for making cad models likity split because you automated the process, the FEA modeler that changes the shape by statistics on results versus shapes and parameters you allow the software to be guided by engineers looking to do more with less these days will be gaga if it's a small enough company they are willing to be smart instead 'screwed over but guaranteed at a big price'.

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November 18, 2011 at 10:37:53
I'm sure there's a question in there, somewhere, but life's too short.

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November 18, 2011 at 12:49:55
Wow! That sure is something.

I don't know what he is asking either.

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November 21, 2011 at 07:29:36
I was asking in the first oh 12 lines how to get my computer running again, and in the latter 70 lines or so I was trying my hand at releasing the pressure on my long time bottled-up goal of starting my own business. Don't worry ab out the latter 70 lines, just the first 12 that make sense, please, I really want my computer to boot up again and/or let me install linux on the new hard drive I bought. In the question I detail how I can't get past the first screen TO install linux on this new hard drive. Once I start off on the other tangent, it's no hope from there on getting any more clues so just don't read that part please.

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