Laptop wont load XP CD

June 11, 2009 at 01:45:41
Specs: Windows XP
This afternoon I was playing World of Warcraft and all of a sudden my desktop starts rebooting frequently, like within a few (5-10m) of each other. Then I think I noticed my internet die off (restart) as well. So I am thinking at this point it was a power related issue. My desktop then would load to the XP welcome screen then, once logged in, restart everytime. So I come to find out that when I removed my video card it solved the issue. Upon which trying to put the card back in, it wouldn't give video at all, so I'm thinking card got fried for sure. Now using onboard video all is well. However before all the diagnosing of my desktop I was frantically trying to get back to the people I was grouped with, so I hoped over to my laptop and logged in, all was well till about 5 minutes into game my laptop shut itself down too. This has me stumped, but the how aside it now starts up, POSTS, then restarts itself. I have diagnosed it to the best of my abilities, I go to BIOS and it sits there all day (did the BIOS HDD test and all is well there). So it's not overheating or any such thing. I assume that means the hook that starts XP is busted somehow. Next logical step is obviously to load up that windows xp disk and go to recovery console. Well a great idea it was, but it BSOD's with 0x7e and the acpi.sys error. So I read around and found some posts and they say if you do the F6 thing to load external drivers it make the BIOS or whatnot go to compliance mode and you can load your own acpi. Well after doing that it took me to the specify your mass storage devices screen and didn't 0x7e me yet. Well I have no storage devices so I hit enter and it finished loading (it still sometimes 0x7e's me before it gets here) to the screen with the enter for install r for recover... Well I hit r and wham!, now I get 0x24. So does anyone have a clue what's up here? The disc is official from Compaq, the one that they send for you to reinstall/repair... I can't see how short of taking the harddrive and mounting it to a 2.5->3.5 or w/e and running repairing functions from a desktop how it will work. I am truly stumped here and will be VERY appreciative for any help or ideas you can muster :).

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June 11, 2009 at 02:00:40
Ok after running UBCD windows memory tester and memtest86+ I find that my 2nd bit appears bad, as in ffffffff shows as f6ffffff as would 00000000 would be 06000000. So I guess that means my memory is bad, but if that's true how does it even load into UBCD and as far as it did into windows xp disc?

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July 8, 2009 at 21:31:49
It's still possible for the laptop to get far booting even amidst memory problems.

As for your desktop, the video card may have overheated and killed itself.

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