Laptop powering powering down, won't turn on but for battery

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February 6, 2014 at 16:37:03
Specs: Windows 7
My HP has been shutting down without warning and it won't turn on using only a power chord, but it will turn on using the battery. What might be causing this problem, and how could I fix it?

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February 6, 2014 at 17:34:50
Have you checked the mains adapter? It "may" not be working properly - as in either not delivering correct volts out; or is intermittent. Can be intermittent due to overheating - and a lot them do run "warm".

The cable that connects to the mini-plug into the power socket on the laptop is another frequent point of failure. Often very close to that plug is where it goes - intermittently at first, and then finally goes permanantly. Try "waggling" the cable in that area when the laptop goes out...?

Overheating in general within the laptop can result in shutdowns... So wise to check that all cooling/air vents are clear of dust etc.

Does the battery charge fully too - when main adapter volts are OK?

If you can use a volt meter you can check the volts out from the adapter. If you're not able to yourself perhaps ask anyone with meter to do it for you. Also can you borrow another mains adapter (that is known to be OK) and test the system with that (to see if shutdowns still occur)?

You might be able to persuade a local computer store to plug one of their adapters in and see if it resolves it all. Although it may depend on how quickly the laptop does this shutdown routine?)

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