laptop keyboard not working

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April 13, 2012 at 16:34:14
Specs: Windows 7, 2.4GHz /8Gb
i bought some ram for a Dell Latitude E6420. i thought it was under the keyboard. Took the power away and battery. Took out the keyboard, no ram. The RAM is located under the laptop. Did that. When i put they keyboard back and power on. No response from the keyboard. i checked the owners manual. Not clear enough or big enough photo be sure i am plugging it in right. No description either in owners manial. The picture looks like i am doing it right but there is not responses from the keyboard when i tap it and power it on. i have gone round the cycle a dozen times now. i can't believe i broke it.

As i said the picture and lack of description makes it difficult. The question is.
There is a little clip. i take it you put the keyboard 'tape cable' so you can see the word MB, the silver teeth face down and the clip comes down and clips and holds down the cable onto the motherboard?

i tried this round and round. The PC boots up, doesn't complain about a lack of keyboard, but pressing F2, F5, F12, tab up/down, no response.

i don't have any other spare keyboards or PCs to try it in.

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April 13, 2012 at 20:34:06
It's EASY to find manuals for most Dell computers - you just search the web for: (name of model) documents
and one of the "hits" on the first page of results will probably be for the manuals the Dell web site has for it.

Manuals - English
Dell™ Latitude™ E6420

See the SERVICE manual.

Remove the battery and the AC adapter's connection when you're fiddling with the keyboard's ribbon cable.

You have to be very careful when you unplug or plug in the ribbon cable for the keyboard - it's easily damaged. The contacts on it's end must face the right way when you plug it into it's socket. The ribbon cable and the socket you plug it into may have contacts on one side only.
If the ribbon cable and the socket have contacs on both sides, if you have plugged it in backwards then tried booting the computer, you have probably fried the keyboard's circuitry.

In most cases, unless your model is really old, you can buy new clone keyboard on the web for a reasonable price, but you must get one that's a match for the same Dell part number - that's often on a label on the bottom of the keyboard.

In the mean time, you can use a USB corded keyboard for most things

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