Kingston Data Traveller DT 101C/2GB

Kingston / Dt101c/2gb
May 5, 2010 at 00:28:42
Specs: Windows Vista
I accidentally, formatted my Kingston Data
Traveler DT101C/2GB. After formatting, I came to
know that, my pen drive's capacity has shrinked
to 191 mb. Can you please tell me where I can
restore my pen drive

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May 5, 2010 at 05:03:07
Go into Computer Management in Control Panel/Admin Tools
and check the drive there - if necessary repartition and reformat.
If it's still not showing full capacity then there's the possibility
you have a fake pendrive.

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May 5, 2010 at 08:37:02
Are you sure that's not 1.91 gb?


You can't re-partition a flash drive in Windows with what's built into it.

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May 6, 2010 at 07:25:47
What makes you think that you may have accidentally formatted the Traveller ?
You not being able to access data that you know was on the drive previously, or the drive being seen as a smaller total size that previously, doesn't necessarily indicate that you have accidentally formatted it.

By the way, the 2gb size of the Traveller is the manufacturer's decimal size - Windows sees it as it's binary size. I have a 2gb Traveller - it's (binary) total size in Windows when it has been software partitioned and formatted is 1.90gb, not 2gb.

It's common for the data on a flash drive (or on a memory card, or on an external hard drive) to get damaged if people do certain things wrong.
Most commonly, that's because they didn't click on the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the taskbar lower right and STOP accessing the flash drive before unplugging the flash drive while Windows was running.
I discovered another cause recently. I enabled AVG 9.x to scan removable drives, and then I plugged in a flash drive then unplugged it without realizing the AVG scan was still accessing the drive - the next time I plugged that same flash drive in, CHKDSK ran before Windows fully loaded and found data damage on that flash drive - most of the files and folders on the drive were damaged.

If the data on the flash drive has been damaged, the symptoms can be all sorts
- can't access any data that was already on the drive
- can access some data that was on the drive but not other data
- the total size of the formatted drive may not be seen correctly.
-etc. , etc.

Usually you can repair the data damage and get all or most of the data back, and the total size of the formatted drive will be seen properly .
You can't re-partition a flash drive in Windows with what's built into it, because that is greyed out (not available) in Disk Management (due to Microsoft's default settings) , but programs that can repair data damage can often fix whatever is wrong with the existing partition without you having to use third party software or tweaking Windows to allow removable drives to be re-partitioned.

Troubleshooting USB device problems including for flash drives, external drives, memory cards.
See Response 1:

Included in that are references to several programs you can try to recover the data that was on the drive ans repair the partition table info.

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