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Keyboard not working after switching on

Microsoft Windows xp home edition with s...
August 12, 2010 at 07:07:59
Specs: Windows XP, p4 4 1 gb

keyboard/mouse not working after switching on.

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August 12, 2010 at 09:59:21
try to use a different mouse and keep the old keyboard on then:

click "start" then on the right of the menu and go to "control panel".
once the new window is open go to add "new hardware".
press "yes i have already connected the hardware"
then press next again and then see if the keyboard is in
list with a yellow exclamation mark press on it and then click "next" and try to reinstall the driver. If this dosen't work then serch for it online. Do the same with the mouse exept try a working keyboard and contol using the arrow keys and "enter"

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August 12, 2010 at 11:23:10
You have not supplied enough information.

Is this a laptop (or netbook) computer, or a desktop computer ?.

What make and model is the computer ?

Is the computer booting normally and has normal video except the mouse and keyboard are not working ?

If this is a laptop (or netbook) computer, since things last worked properly .....

- have you dropped it, or has liquid been spilled on it ?
- have you changed which ram is installed in it ?
- are you trying to use a mouse or keyboard or both that is / are not built into the computer - if so, is it / are they USB connected, or PS/2 connected ?

If this is a desktop computer, since things last worked properly .....

- have you changed which ram is installed in it ?
- are the mouse and keyboard ones you have used before with this computer and had no problems with ? Is it / are they USB connected, or PS/2 connected ?

In either case.....

- a wireless keyboard or wireless mouse will probably NOT work the first time, if you have not used them with your computer before, because you must install software for the wireless device, and usually you must install that software BEFORE you plug in the USB connected transmitter / receiver transmitter for it . Read the installation directions for the device !

- a corded PS/2 mouse or corded PS/2 keyboard should always work.

- a simple gender adapter that converts the connector on the end of the cord of a corded mouse or keyboard so it can be used with a different type of port will NOT work with the device unless the mouse or keyboard is a "combo" one that is wired up for and designed to be used with both types of ports. A "combo" mouse or "combo" keyboard comes with the proper adapter when new. The adapter for a "combo" mouse, often green, will usually NOT work with a "combo" keyboard, and the adapter for a "combo" keyboard, often purple, will usually NOT work with a "combo" mouse.

- a corded USB connected keyboard should work fine, assuming the USB controllers are enabled in the bios Setup, but you can't get into the mboard's bios Setup unless the setting USB Legacy Devices or USB Keyboard or similar is enabled in the bios Setup.

- for a corded USB mouse, if you haven't connected one to your computer before, for your present installation of Windows, you can't move the mouse cursor for it while booting until the Windows desktop screen has loaded and the generic USB mouse drivers are installed for it. After that, you will be able to move the mouse cursor in Windows, and while booting into Windows, such as at the Windows Logon screen.
If you need to Logon to Windows while booting
- press the Tab key to toggle which thing on the screen is "active" , or you may also be able to use the cursor keys to select something on the screen once you have pressed Tab at least once.
- press Enter to select the thing.
- type in a password if you need to. Press Enter again.
The USB mouse's cursor will be movable after the desktop screen has loaded.

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